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We Like Crypto: Companies Accepting Bitcoin

The computer giant Dell made quite a large acquisition on October 12, purchasing EMC for $67 Billion USD. Dell says this move will create the “world’s largest privately controlled integrated tech company.” This comes as pretty big news for the tech scene and — believe it or not — the cryptocurrency world. As Michael Dell and his team are fond of Bitcoin and accept the currency for their services, this deal could add more “future ready” crypto-transactions to the spectrum. Additionally, there are other cool merchants coming to the cryptocurrency environment, and Bitcoin.com wants our readers to know all about them.

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DellOrbBack in 2014, Dell announced that it was accepting Bitcoin, becoming one of the biggest multinational tech companies to do so. Through a partnership with Coinbase, the company is proud to accept the virtual money and brags about it. At the time Michael Dell tweeted immediately to his fans that his company is “now the largest merchant to accept Bitcoin internationally“.

Additionally, the company told the world about certain transactions made with the new currency through its system. A custom server order manufactured through Dell, called the “PowerEdge server,” was sold to the tune of $50,000 USD in Bitcoin. Now that the company is growing to be a bigger tech company, this only means good news for the Bitcoin world. The computer behemoth is prepared to embrace the future, as it states in Dell’s EMC announcement that it is “delivering future-ready technologies to customers.”


logosG2A, one of the biggest gaming marketplaces, is now accepting bitcoin. The company boasts a total of 700 thousand monthly transactions throughout 2015. Through a partnership with BitPay, the leading digital marketplace plans to offer its services in exchange for the cryptocurrency. G2A is an online marketplace where users can buy game activation keys for Xbox and other gaming platforms. The company originally started in Hong Kong with the aim of providing the best digital game licenses and retail service to all our partners and customers.” Executive VP of Global Payments at G2A.COM, Bob Voermans, told press:

“In my estimation this partnership will increase growth for sellers due to the fact that customers will buy more often on the G2A.COM Marketplace.”


Famsa-Eastex-113-300x225The Mexican retail company Famsa is now accepting Bitcoin as well, with yet another score for BitPay. The Bitcoin payment processor seems to be taking quite a few new merchants into the crypto-ecosystem lately. Famsa is a billion dollar firm pulling in a $1.1 Billion per annum revenue with over 400 stores — also offering banking facilitation. The company writes on its Facebook page about how excited it is to accept the digital currency, stating, “Excellent News! You can buy directly with bitcoin at Famsa, enabled by our friends at BitPay.”

Pihatt Coffee  

regular-non-BG-Resized-456x456Another cool, Bitcoin-accepting company is Vietnam-based coffee producer Pihatt Coffee. The name “Pihatt” is derived from their core belief in “passionate, aromatic, tasteful” coffee. Pihatts coffee is grown in the basaltic mountains of Cau Dat and Di Linh, Vietnam. The company is one of the first-known coffee producers to accept Bitcoin. With this announcement, Bitcoin customers can order the freshest blends of their Arabica and Catimor coffee varieties.

These are four very cool companies accepting Bitcoin, and there are always more businesses on the way. Bitcoin.com will deliver the latest merchants coming into the crypto-space. If you are a business accepting Bitcoin, I want to know about it. Send me an email at Nonaggressionprinciple1@gmail.com and tell me the story about why your business decided to accept the virtual money.

How do you think merchant acceptance is going? Let us know in the comments below!

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