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News Wiki: Earn Money by Educating the Masses is a dedicated domain created to teach the basic concepts and ideas behind cryptocurrency. We think that Bitcoin is a revolutionary concept that teaches economic independence and is ultimately a tool that will unleash free markets throughout society. Our page is always evolving and trying to figure out the best possible ways to educate and inform the masses about the digital currency we love. Currently, we are looking for community participation with our Bitcoin Wiki, and those who help the most will be rewarded.

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Over the past couple of months, we have added a bunch of new features to our site. A news section has been created to give people the latest news, tutorials and opinion pieces on the virtual money were so passionate about. We also created a forum to allow cryptocurrency enthusiasts to discuss Bitcoin — free from censorship.

Another creation brought to the table is a Bitcoin Wiki created by and its user base. The idea is to provide an educational resource with dedicated written backgrounds on each subject concerning the Bitcoin protocol. With this newly created page, we thought it would be best to encourage the crypto-community to join in on the teaching process, and we want to pay the people who help out the most.

The new Wiki is now live and under construction, waiting for people like you to add to it. As soon as we are happy with a completed database, we will port the wiki over to our homepage and add it to the menu bar. To encourage more active participation, will give out cryptocurrency prizes to people who help us provide a solid database. To contribute to the new Wiki, we are asking users to create a new ID and use the same name as your Forum ID. If you don’t have a forum ID, head over to our discussion page and sign up to join our community.

Bitcoin.com_Mijin Permissioned BlockchainWe will reward those who add unique submissions that are accurate and informative to our readers. Topics will include general Bitcoin information and tutorials on getting started, myths, wallet security, exchanges, mining and more. There will be two tiers of prizes available to the best submissions, the winners will receive:


The Beta-Wiki is waiting for you to help us add this additional content, and anyone can start editing immediately. People with the technical knowledge can show their powerful abilities to use a written medium to help educate others and have their work hosted forever on our Wiki. This would be a great feature to add to anyone’s portfolio, and the work will, of course, be credited with writers name. Think about the fact that your work may be able to help spread adoption and educate the masses about Bitcoin and its wonderful features.

bitcoin_com_png_logo_250_x_250We think that, over time, a solid community-based wiki can be helpful to early adopters and those who’ve never heard of Bitcoin. There are other Bitcoin-wikis available throughout the internet, and we think it’s beneficial to provide more resources. The more educational information out there for people to easily access, the better. Creative Commons can be held in multiple areas and facilitate those looking to learn. Formatting help can be found on this page to help with the editing process with regards to HTML tags, paragraph format, inserting symbols and more.

What do you think about a Bitcoin Wiki held on our webpage? Let us know in the comments below!

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