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Japan's Largest Q&A Platform OKWave Adds Bitcoin Services

OkWave, Japan’s largest question and answer platform, boasting over 40 million users, announced its addition of Bitcoin services. The site now offers bitcoin wallet integration, and a tipping system to help the community with an improved feedback incentive. OkWave’s offices are located in Shibuya, Tokyo and run by CEO Kanemoto Kaneto, who said that his company was proud to utilize Bitcoin, giving its customer base new opportunities. 

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Kaneto told press in 2013:

“A lot of people are helping each other through this site. I want to use this as a base to create a community where people can come together to realize their dreams.”

bitcoin-tipsThe OkWave platform was established in 1999, and resembles online Q&A publications Zapchain and Quora. However, this particular platform allows anyone from any region in the world to use its services. OKWave’s newly-launched service enables the “Questioners” to tip the “Answerer” with bitcoin as a “Thank you payment.” When a person answers a question, his or her bitcoin address will be revealed to the person who asked the question.

OKWave created the first Q&A community, with the company’s name originating from “Oshiete” (Japanese for “tell me”) and “Kotaeru” (“answer”). OkWave achieved a significant spot in the Japanese market, and is aspiring to capture the international market with future projects. The company believes that bitcoin is not only a great way to pay for goods, it also works as an excellent method of donation. OkWave utilizes this leverage through its feedback platform. There are over 34 million posts between users, and its “Thank You button” has been pressed more than 44 million times. Users simply have to copy & paste their wallet address in order to receive the digital currency through the up-vote and down-vote process, and the thank you system.

Because the team is so excited about the platform’s new milestone, they are running a Bitcoin promotion between September 30 and October 31. To participate in the campaign, you must register for a free account with OKWave and add your bitcoin address to your personalized profile page. Then, by providing good feedback on questions, you will be able to receive tips from the community, and you will be eligible to win a variety of Bitcoin. In order to win a prize, one of your answers must make it to the top 100 list. Prizes are as follows:

  • First place: Around 30000 yen ($250 USD) worth of bitcoins.
  • Second place: Around 20000 yen ($167 USD) worth of bitcoins.
  • Third place: Around 10000 yen ($83 USD) worth of bitcoins.
  • 4~20 place: Around 1000 yen ($8 USD) worth of bitcoins.
  • 21~100 place: Around 500 yen ($4) worth of bitcoins.

okwaveUsers can also win an Amazon voucher with a value of 100 yen for tweeting about OkWave’s new Bitcoin campaign. When you tweet from this location, OKWave will choose 100 Twitter accounts and notify them when they win. OkWave is excited to add the decentralized currency to its unique platform and appreciates its user base. If you support OKWave and want to help them make further improvements to the service, you may donate here.

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