Jaxx Wallet’s ShapeShift Integration Live, Coinbase to Follow


Jaxx Wallet’s ShapeShift Integration Live, Coinbase to Follow

Decentral’s Jaxx wallet has announced the launch of its ShapeShift integration to allow conversion between its three supported currencies: BTC, ETH and DAO.

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‘Unified Blockchain Command Center’

The Jaxx announcement came today as part of the Many Days of Jaxx event, during which multiple updates and new services are being revealed.

Jaxx, the first Bitcoin and Ether wallet, had been working on the integration for some time and was originally slated for a March release.

“The Jaxx-ShapeShift integration is just the latest in what will be a wide variety of integrations designed to make Jaxx a unified blockchain command centre,” Decentral support specialist Simon Howell wrote in a web release about the integration today.

He added that ShapeShift “will also work for whatever coins and tokens we integrate in the future.”

image_1461055232_34281470The integrated “shift” function can be accessed from any page within the Jaxx wallet or even by simply typing ‘ShapeShift’ into the address bar where the destination wallet address would normally be pasted.

All information normally shown to ShapeShift users as part of a conversion are displayed, with users able to specify the amount to convert in either fiat currency or the coin being used.

The release is currently out on all platforms other than iOS, which is expected to be available within the next 36 hours, Howell states.

Direct BTC Purchase Integration

Jaxx-Shapeshift1The Many Days of Jaxx event has seen the team already produce announcements and updates. Wednesday saw the unveiling of plans to integrate Coinbase’s “Buy Widget,” which would allow Jaxx US users to use a debit card to purchase BTC from directly within the wallet.

“We believe in increased collaboration between companies in the wallet space, and this is a particularly exciting prospect for us for that reason,” Howell wrote in a further announcement on the news.

Users would require a name, email address and debit card number to make purchases, with this data not being stored by Jaxx, only by Coinbase.

“We remain committed to our policy of not holding user information or funds in our apps,” Howell added.

Additionally, an API based on an Ethereum full node is currently being worked on in conjunction with CoinFabrik, which developers say is “part of [their] continuing mission to support the Ethereum and DAO ecosystems.”

A trial version will be available “in the course of the next month” and “will allow for greater interoperability for Ethereum web app devs and contribute to the overall health of the ecosystem by allowing for additional redundancy,” it is further stated.

Have you tried the Jaxx ShapeShift tool? What do you think about the Coinbase concept? Let us know in the comments below.

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