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Here's the Easiest Way to Get Ether with Your Bitcoin

World’s first bitcoin and ether wallet Jaxx has unveiled an upcoming integration with Shapeshift that will allow users to convert between the currencies without leaving your wallet.

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The feature is expected to be rolled out “on all devices/platforms” in a few days, according to Kryptokit CEO and Ethereum co-founder, Anthony Di Iorio. The integration is not too surprising considering that Erik Voorhees has been part of the Kryptokit team since 2013 prior to founding ShapeShift, an online blockchain asset exchange launched in August of 2014, providing instant bitcoin and altcoin conversion with no account required.

di iorio
Anthony Di Iorio

The feature will be as straightforward as using Shapeshift’s online conversion service. Inside the Jaxx app, select the Shapeshift icon or type “Shapeshift” in the receiving address field. This can be done in either the Bitcoin or Ethereum wallet, depending on what you would like to convert. Next, enter the amount you would like to convert and then confirm the transaction. After it’s complete, which might take some time from a few minutes to over an hour (from personal experience) depending on network congestion, you will receive the given currency in your respective wallet.

Similarly to Shapeshift’s website, the app will also notify the user of the current exchange rate and the minimum and maximum deposit amounts required for the conversion. But the most significant advantage of this new feature is that Jaxx users will now encounter less friction in managing and shifting their ether and bitcoin funds without dealing with third-party websites or online exchanges.

Di Iorio:

This is just another example of how we’re developing Jaxx with the goal to remove friction points and create awesome user experiences for Ethereum and Bitcoin.

He also added that this is only one of three new features users should expect to release shortly.

After its initial announcement back in February, the Jaxx wallet has been consistent in fulfilling its release roadmap. The world’s first bitcoin-ether wallet is already available for Android mobile, Google Chrome and Firefox (extensions), iOS, Windows desktop, Linux, and Mac OS.

Check out the sneak peak of the new feature below:


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