Jaxx Ice Cube Offers 'Deeper' Cold Storage for Your Bits & Ether


Jaxx Ice Cube Offers 'Deeper' Cold Storage for Your Bits & Ether

Toronto-based company Decentral has been rolling out its “7 Days of Jaxx” by introducing a new feature service every day. Now, the company has announced the production of a new cold storage prototype they have built called Ice Cube — no relation to the rapper. 

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Ice Cube Offers ‘Deeper’ Cold Storage

Ice CubeOn May 31st, 2016, Decentral CEO and founder Anthony Di Iorio revealed the Jaxx solution to cold storage. The device, called Ice Cube, comes with some unique features compared to current hardware wallets.

Di Iorio told us that his team has been in agony trying to keep the project a secret. Now they finally get to reveal the Jaxx device that offers “deeper” cold storage solutions.

The Decentral crew believes they are delivering just what the community wants with its secure offline storage features. Decentral says the entire Jaxx lineup is meant to be a pillar of the company’s mission to let users take control of their digital world.

Ice Cube

A few features included in the Ice Cube prototype are private key generation directly on the device, a camera, QR code functionality, and mnemonic backs up for both Bitcoin and Ether all held on the square device, though the exact pricing has not yet been revealed.

Ice Cube is reportedly fire rated and waterproof, so the hardware can be kept in a safe deposit box without the user worrying about disasters.

Di Iorio spoke with Bitcoin.com on the phone, and he gave us a synopsis of things to come within the Jaxx universe. He told us that Ice Cube was created because the company recognized there was a strong need for a device that would never touch the internet. Di Iorio stated:

The latest Jaxx release of our cold storage device Ice Cube is the obvious next path for us to further secure our user’s digital life. We are all about ease of use and user experience. Jaxx cold storage is about bringing blockchain to the masses and adding extra layers of security. 

Ice Cube is slated for production in late 2016 to early 2017 as part of the Jaxx evolution.

The company first unveiled its new fleet of wallets designed to house both Bitcoin and Ethereum back in February 2016. The first application was released on Android platforms and just recently, on May 28th, Jaxx announced the wallet could be downloaded via Apple’s app store.

Di Iorio said that Decentral is very pleased to have the very first BTC/ETH wallet available for iOS devices. The Toronto-based company is also rolling out the Jaxx Coin Card that will “enable the easy purchase of bitcoin in Canada.”

Decentral will soon be unveiling its upcoming DAO integration with Jaxx, allowing users the ability use the token in various ways via the application’s user interface. Di Iorio added that the company is intensely focused on bringing decentralized solutions and applications to the world, and Jaxx will be the “ultimate gateway.”

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