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German Central Banking Workshop Focuses on Blockchain

Over the next four days, Deutsche Bundesbank in cooperation with Frankfurt School of Finance and Management is hosting a blockchain-focused central banking workshop.

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Germany Hosts Blockchain Central Banking Event

bundesbankFrom November 21-24, the event called “Blockchain Technology – Opportunities and Challenges” will discuss emerging digital protocols. The workshop will take place at the Bundesbank Conference Centre in Eltville. Additionally, this will be followed by a social “study trip” at the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management in Frankfurt city. The four-day event will focus on blockchain technology and bitcoin’s relevance as a payment solution.

“This workshop addresses technological achievements of blockchain and possible business cases especially in the financial sector,” explains the Deutsche Bundesbank event invitation. “It tries to answer the question whether bitcoin has a future in payments and illustrates examples for a possible use of blockchain technology. Furthermore, it discusses the topic from the viewpoint of central banks and regulators.”

Industry Executives, Academic Lecturers, and Central Bank Authorities Will Discuss Blockchain Risks and Opportunities

The central banking workshop will gather speakers from various European central banks, financial institutions, members of academia, and the EU Parliament. It will encourage discussions concerning the central banking system and regulatory policies. Speakers will include members of R3, Eris Industries, Cambridge Blockchain, Digital Asset Holdings, and more.

The four-day conference will encompass many topics in regards to this emerging technology and central banking. Attendees will converse about smart contracts, a European perspective of the blockchain, a global payments initiative by SWIFT, and more discussions on how blockchain can transform traditional finance.

“The workshop is based on the idea of combining academic research with the experience of practitioners. Offering a platform for intensive debate, it is designed to encourage participants to discuss different perspectives and alternative viewpoints and to foster an active exchange of ideas and information between the participants and lecturers,” detailed the Deutsche Bundesbank program.

Central Bank Partners With Leading Business Schools

logo_fs_sw-1This year’s 6th annual central banking workshop will work parallel with the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management (FSFM) studies. The school is a private nonprofit business institution located in the heart of Frankfurt. FSFM is Deutsche Bundesbank’s academic partner and will host parts of the workshop. The workshop will consist of five modules centered around blockchain-based “payments, post-trading and beyond and possible regulatory issues for central banks.

Deutsche Bundesbank believes its annual central banking workshop has been quite helpful. With cooperation from leading business school partnerships, the workshops delve into the many innovative ideas emerging and apply them to central banking.

“The workshops aim to bring participants fully up-to-date with current developments in central banking and supervisory issues,” Deutsche Bundesbank concluded.

What do you think about the German central banking event focused on blockchain solutions? Let us know in the comments below.

Images courtesy of Shutterstock, Pixabay, Deutsche Bundesbank, and FSFM websites.

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