A Glimpse at Nodio, the Blockchain-Based Router

A new device called Nodio has been recently announced that can run multiple decentralized applications (dApps), a Tor node, and other functionalities. Nodio is a blockchain router that aims to give users a chance to create decentralized solutions.   

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Blockchain-Based Router Aims to Decentralize a Broken System

hw_cdxcj_400x400Nodio is a project that claims to be a secure blockchain-based router solution with a variety of features. The device will function as a personal VPN or Tor node, giving users privacy. Additionally, developers can create dApps with Nodio’s Xana platform which allows creations in any programming language. The creators of Nodio say the router can have “significant potential in the IoT sector.”

The Nodio product is not yet available, but is having a crowdsale which has so far raised 47 BTC. The startup is issuing Nod Tokens (Nods) to investors to scale the project. Nod holders get a stake in the company and will be able to vote on strategic issues. Nodio believes its possibilities are vast and wants to keep an entirely transparent business. At its foundations, Nodio says it’s a tool to fix the broken system of today.  

“The main idea behind the project is decentralization from the corrupted digital world, where multibillion-dollar companies and governmental agencies took over control,” says Nodio. “It might sound too radical, but in reality, our mission can be accomplished with the help of only two precious resources.”

Nodio blockchain router team
Yuriy PR Manager, Sergey Motion Designer, Ramzes CEO, Dima Lead Designer

Open Source and a Decentralized Structure

Developers consider the device a “fully functional blockchain computer” with its Snapdragon 820 processor and up to 8GB LPDDR4 RAM. The device creators also claim it can operate smart contracts, create a mesh network, and operators can even rent the VPN for passive income. Moreover, the device adds security for its users as every connection is private.

Additionally, Nodio says it will be open source and fully customizable. The team wants Nodio to be used in homes and offices performing as a router but also an IoT network manager. Developers say it will also be equipped with a 4000 mAh battery that can run during power outages.       

Nodio is a unique device with a mission to keep you, your data and your possessions safe. It is a secured, blockchain-based router that works with the applications developed on Xana platform. The main advantage of Nodio is in the decentralized structure, which protects its users from online threats.

Nodio Hopes to Launch Within a Year

The Nodio will provide 500GB of storage to operate multiple tasks and also mine Proof-of-stake currencies. Furthermore, users can also use the device to set up a Tor relay node. Nodio creators said the estimated price for the machine will be in the $200-250 range.

Keep in mind this project is a proof-of-concept and in its earliest phases. The development team has created a 3D printed prototype, but the product has yet to be manufactured. Nodio says that it plans to launch the product in “less than a year” depending on patents, shipment, and other details. After launch, the Nodio project hopes the product can meet the desires of decentralization enthusiasts and developers worldwide.    

“Our device is a tool which can combine several blockchains in a single dApp and bring that solution to everyday life,” says Nodio.

What do you think about the Nodio blockchain-based router? Let us know in the comments below.

Images via Medium, and Nodio websites. Header image is a Nodio prototype.

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