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Steemit to Hold First-Ever Public Event in Amsterdam

On November 11-13, the popular blockchain-based social media platform Steemit will hold its first public event in Amsterdam. The conference is expected to host over 200 participants and is organized by Roeland Landegent, a Steem developer and entrepreneur.

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SteemFest to Bring ‘Steemians’ Together in Amsterdam

steemitThe Steemit platform, which rewards users for posting content, has gained a lot of attention over the past few months. Steemit users and its creators believe the application’s growth is a revolutionary factor, changing social media as a whole. Roeland Landegent wants to leverage the rising popularity with a three-day event in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Landegent believes the event will succeed because “Steemians” are a diverse crowd with similar goals. The Steemit developer explains that, since the platform started, “blogging has become the new mining.” Landegent also details the purpose of the event during the announcement, stating:

“The purpose of SteemFest is to leverage the incredible vibe of Steemit and create an environment in which a group of diverse thinkers, technophiles, libertarians, crypto enthusiasts and creative people can congregate. We will be able to nurture new relationships, learn from each other and discuss the endless possibilities of the Steemit blockchain for blogging, apps, business, and development.”

Steemit Has Gained Quite a Bit of Attention

A lot of the attention surrounding Steemit focuses on the significant amount of money people have received for blogging. For instance, Landegent’s post about the conference got over 600 upvotes, earning $11,000 USD. Additionally, many well-known libertarians and cryptocurrency industry innovators have joined the platform. This includes Jeff Berwick, Charlie Shrem and Lyn Ulbricht.

Steemit also has a first-mover advantage, and proponents like Landegent say the sky’s the limit when it comes to Steemit’s future. Landegent explains, “the potential of the Steem blockchain is truly limitless; this is what we want to celebrate while also thinking of ways to enhance further mainstream adoption and modernize the way people can gain more for their community contributions.”


The Blockchain-Based Social Media Founders Will Be Attending

SteemFest will award all attendees 1,000 Steem Power just for coming. Steem Power — a cryptocurrency — adds weight to the voting protocol. The more Steem Power a user has, the more significant their votes become. Additionally, the Steemit founders Ned Scott and developer Dan Larimer will attend the three-day festival. CEO of Steemit Ned Scott explains that he’s thrilled to see events like these surround the Steem community, stating:    

It’s amazing to see so many people from around the world using Steemit and organizing events on their own initiative – that’s the power of decentralization. It is critical that we incentivize those doing their part in growing what we believe is the future of online social economies. My co-founder Dan Larimer and I will be proud to attend, and we look forward to meeting some of our European community in November at SteemFest Amsterdam.

Competition Entering the Market

Steemit supporters believe the platform is the next step for social media. However, it will soon have competition with the Yours network and the Synereo community. So far, the blockchain-based blogging application has done well for itself. But some have also questioned if it can be sustainable, or if it’s just a fad.

Steemit has proven the public’s love for the attention economy, and there’s no doubt social media is moving in the direction of decentralization and rewarding great content. Whether or not Steemit will continue to lead that trend remains to be seen.

What do events will you be attending this year? Let us know in the comments below.

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