Apple iMessage to Feature Circle's Bitcoin Wallet in New Update


Apple iMessage to Feature Circle's Bitcoin Wallet in New Update

Bitcoin supporters may be pleased to hear that Circle will soon be implemented in iMessage as part of iOS 10 release, set to launch this month alongside the iPhone 7.

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Millions of iMessage Users Will Now Be Able to Use Circle’s Bitcoin Payment System  

iMessageThe iOS 10 update will contain a newly designed iMessage service that will enable developers to bring third-party applications to the platform. The beta version of the iMessage app shows a handful of apps added to the texting service, along with music and GIF sharing abilities. Third-party platforms to be added include Square Cash, Lyft and Circle Pay.

Circle Financial CEO Jeremy Allaire said that adding the payment service to iMessage will benefit consumers. “There’s a hurdle to have to install a smartphone app so that I can pay my buddy and all the inputting and setup,” Allaire said. “To do it all within the iMessages app is a lot easier.”

circle bitcoinSince its launch, Circle has been on a mission to create more widespread adoption with its bitcoin wallet. So far, the company has worked with regulators in Europe to expand in that region, and has just recently made significant deals in China. This summer, the Bitcoin-based company received $60 million in strategic funding from well-known Chinese investors.

Circle plans to make its app available across the globe. “We want to connect consumers using dollars, punds, euro and renminbi,” company leaders wrote in a blog post, “the same way that the web, email and other protocols have connected consumers globally.”

Is Apple Warming up to Bitcoin?    

bitcoin mobileIn January 2014, Apple banned Bitcoin wallets across all iOS platforms. This move included the removal of apps such as, Coinbase and Coinjar.

Bitcoin supporters were enraged when Apple removed Bitcoin applications from the App Store but were pleasantly surprised when they returned. In July of the same year, Apple allowed certain bitcoin wallets back on the App Store.

Apple’s acceptance has been highly exclusive, however. This summer, the company was reluctant to allow Ethereum wallets on the App Store, but has since approved a select few apps.

Most recently, Apple has pushed Dash away from iOS devices, asking Jaxx developers to remove support for the currency or face expulsion from the App Store.

With integration of Circle Pay in the latest iMessage update, the tech-giant seems to be growing more fond of Bitcoin, despite its continued reservations towards Ethereum and Dash. Ideally, exposing Circle’s bitcoin payments service to the millions of iMessage users will spur more Bitcoin adoption.

What do you think about Apple adding Circle Pay and other third party apps to the latest iMessage release? Let us know in the comments below.

Source:  South China Morning Post

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