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Spells of Genesis Early Beta Access Now Available

Spells of Genesis remains one of the most interesting projects to make use of blockchain technology. The reason for this is quite simple: the project has been in development for quite some time now, and the team recently released the early beta for their mobile card game. This early beta release also marks the second milestone for Spells of Genesis since completing their BitCrystals Token Sale.

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Spells Of Genesis Early Beta Access

Bitcoin.com_Spells of Genesis BitCrystalsAs a result of this early beta release for Spells of Genesis, players can connect their Counterparty wallets to their SoG accounts. Doing so will allow them to play their blockchain cards and get a better feeling for the game. The Spells of Genesis team will be able to collect valuable community feedback during this early beta stage, and iron out any remaining bugs.

Having the ability to transfer blockchain-based cards into the Spells of Genesis client will further enhance the overall gaming experience. By unifying blockchain technology with a mobile card game, Spells of Genesis is on track to help raise awareness for both the game and the underlying innovative technology.

As a player, importing blockchain-based cards will allow you to start building a personalized deck. Decks consist of four different characters, and players will be able to choose any of the ten different levels supported in this early beta release. Additionally, these ten levels are divided into five chapters, offering Spells of Genesis users plenty of opportunities for some mobile gaming.

Screenshots provided on the Spells of Genesis Tumblr page show how every individual character has their own life bar. Decks can be re-composed after each level, allowing for a multitude of different combinations to explore. But there is a hidden gem in this early beta release as well; users whose Counterparty wallets contains a GEMZCARD will get access to a special GEMZ level within the game.

Markéta Korteova, Marketing Manager of EverdreamSoft, stated the following:

Reaching Milestone #2 is a great achievement. For the first time, players can connect their game account to their Counterparty wallet and transfer blockchain-based cards they own to play them in the game! To see your cards coming to life is an exciting moment. Using digital assets in a game will open unimaginable possibilities, not only for the SoG community, but for the whole game industry. I believe we can go even further.

Onward to Milestone #3

Bitcoin.com_Bitcoin MilestoneThere are two more milestones to reach for the Spells of Genesis team. Milestone #3 has a deadline of February 2016, which will mark the release of a full beta version of this mobile card game. Keeping this date in mind, that means the early beta will be around for little over three months, which should be plenty of time to iron out any remaining kinks in the game.

Additionally, the third milestone also includes the addition of several new levels to the game, although it remains unknown as to how many there will be by this stage. But that is not all, as the game interface and Spells of Genesis story will have to be completed at that time. Players should be able to experience the full game, except for the addition of more levels and blockchain-based cards.

Last but not least, and this might be the most important feature of the full beta client, is the addition of a wallet and payment method within the app. Even though users can already link their Counterparty wallets in the early beta, there is no way to pay in-game just yet. This functionality should be available to players by February 2016.

Spells of Genesis is set to fully launch in April 2016. At this point, the game will feature over 100 different game levels, and more than 150 blockchain-cards will be available to players. Customizing personal card decks can be done in a nearly unlimited amount of ways, allowing players to mix and match very powerful and potent combinations.

What are your thoughts on Spells of Genesis releasing their early beta client? Are you looking forward to playing the game? Let us know in the comments below!

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