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Delta Business Management Enables Bitcoin Investments in Gatwick Airport Car Parking

There is no shortage of investment opportunities in the world of Bitcoin and digital currency. Every opportunity has to be weighed carefully, though, as there are always advantages and disadvantages to each investment. The most important aspect is ensuring the investment starts paying itself back sooner rather than later. A new commercial property investment opportunity close to Gatwick Airport could be worth considering.

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Invest Bitcoin in Gatwick Airport Car Parking Through Delta

Bitcoin.com_Delta Business ManagementDelta Business Management is one of the many companies becoming more active in the Bitcoin sector as of late. After all, the world of Bitcoin is filled with entrepreneurs, developers, investors, and enthusiasts, all of whom are interested in decentralizing as many aspects of life as possible. With a passion for modern technology and a desire to move with the times, Delta Business Management and Bitcoin seem to be a good fit for each other.

Over the past few years, efforts have been undertaken to slowly bridge the gap between digital currencies and traditional finance. Bitcoin and the underlying blockchain technology are both invaluable assets to the world of finance, even though many financial experts will gladly tell you otherwise. This is where Delta Business Management comes into the picture, as they offer tangible investment products to Bitcoin owners.

One of the most often-heard comments is how the digital currency can not be used for tangible products or services. Products will not get more tangible than owning a piece of Gatwick Airport car parking, and buyers can pay for it in Bitcoin. According to early estimated, investors will be able to achieve 8% return per annum (pa) in the first two years.Bitcoin.com_Park First Gatwick Airport

Some of our readers might be wondering how such a high percentage can be achieved within the first two years. According to a representative, the 8% return pa is written into the contract with Park First and is guaranteed. However, years three and four are not guaranteed by any means, but due to a high level of parking occupancy, the rates can go up to 10% per annum.

Note from the Author; Park First is a part of Group First, one of the UK’s leading property development specialists, providing investors with exclusive access to market-leading products.

The parking space being purchased consists of all of the available off-site parking spaces in the first phase of the Park First project close to Gatwick Airport. Bitcoin investors will have the chance to invest in Phase II of the Park First project, comprised of several thousand new car parking bays.

According to the latest information we have received, every car parking bay will be offered for the price of £25,000 GBP, or its corresponding value in Bitcoin at the time of purchase. Interested parties will have to sign up to, deposit the necessary amount of Bitcoin, and the asset will be assigned to them. All revenue from these assets is generated in Pound Sterling, which will be converted to the investor’s local currency.

A Delta Business Management Representative stated:

“With an increase in drivers across the UK and a rise in the number of airport passengers, the need for car parking space far outweighs the space available. This makes the growth in car park facilities over the coming years inevitable. What we’ve done is make this unique opportunity available to Bitcoin owners so they can use this popular CryptoCurrency to invest in tangible property, enabling them to benefit from this excellent ‘hands free’ venture and achieve healthy guaranteed returns.”

Plans For Blockchain Technology Integration

Bitcoin.com_Smart ContractDelta Business Management is not resting on their laurels, and plans are in place to evolve their property investment opportunity by integrating blockchain technology soon. This will also allow them to pay out dividends in digital currency, rather than fiat currency. Smart contracts will play a major role in this development, and more information regarding the progress will be unveiled over the next few months.

Additionally, a Delta ID Coin will be launched in the future, which will serve as Delta Business Management’s managed option, and enables the distribution of dividends over the blockchain. No official release date has been announced yet for the Delta ID Coin, but more information will be made available as we get closer to its launch.

What are your thoughts on this investment opportunity? Is this the right way forward to bridge the gap between traditional finance and Bitcoin? Let us know in the comments below!

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