Can Banks be Replaced by an App? BitWage says yes they can


Can Banks be Replaced by an App? BitWage says yes they can

Shouldn’t the world of Bitcoin and its advanced new technology be making life easier? Shouldn’t sending an employee paycheck, in Bitcoins, be just as easy as sending payment via QR code? Fast, easy and as smooth as a swipe of your seven-inch screen, BitWage thinks so too. This week they’ve introduced the world to they first smartphone app for business payroll payments dealing in Bitcoin.

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Bitwage-Logo-LG-CT2-825x510Bitwage has offered several innovations over the last year, from their Cloud Savings to their Bitwage Debit Card. Now with their mobile app, you can check the status of your payroll while on the go, or simply move funds between the Cloud Savings, Debit card and payroll easily. Enter an amount, and you can be in gold, US Dollars or BTC within seconds.

Those who are BitWage customers give themselves the freedom to kick their bank, and remove their fees and lead times altogether according to BitWage President Jonathan Chester, who spoke to about this new program.

“We have done over $1.5m in transactions since our Bitcoin Payroll for the Individual was released last November. Over the next year, we want to change the relationship people have with their payroll. This is part of a full, end to end, payroll solution. Employers will be paying employees in countries all over the world as quick and easy as sending a text message. The employees on the other side hold their funds, unrestricted by the fees and delays of the banks, and access local currency on the fly, all managed by our single app.

Chester’s team at BitWage uses the latest Authy or Google Authenticator for Two-Factor Authentication to protect users. Once you have logged in and set up your PIN, you’re ready to go. To get the Bitwage Android App, go to the Google App store, search “Bitwage,” and download.

The end goal is to remove the need for central banking and leverage the advances of Blockchain technology to simplify business payroll and payments. A Bitwage user can “close the loop” without a bank since Bitwage connects individuals to the frictionless acquisition of bitcoins. Banks can be cut out, and one can now live 100% completely on Bitcoin, as long as your local retailers accept Bitcoin or Bitwage Debit cards.

Want to get paid in precious metals like Gold or Silver? Bit wage provides you the latest options in salary allocation. Have any portion of your salary held in as many as 24 different global currencies or one of four precious metals, including Gold and Silver. Transfer your funds held in Gold, Silver, USD or Bitcoin to a debit card, in just a few clicks, and spend it like local currency.

You can still pay international contractors and employees around the world quickly and easily with BitWage. BitWage is available in over 170 countries worldwide, all while easily managing the entire BitWage accounts by a user’s smartphone, with recurring payroll features coming soon. So if your business is not using Bitcoin right now, it has never been easier to get started through BitWage.

What do you think about this new BitWage app? Let us know in the comments below!

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