Dear Ross Ulbricht: A Birthday Letter From Mate Tokay


Dear Ross Ulbricht: A Birthday Letter From Mate Tokay

Dear Ross,
Bitcoin 2016
Twitter: @MateTokay

I truly hope you can find some happiness on your Birthday.

What you have done gives strength to people to fight for our rights and to show the world that we cannot and should not be regulated!
You are a hero to hundreds of thousands of people if not even more!
The world is a weird place where leaders can get away with everything while others suffer for not doing anything illegal.
There are many people in history who fought and represented the same values you do, and I look at you and respect you just like those brave and amazing man.
I hope one day the justice system will change, and you will be free again!
Be strong and don’t forget that we try our best to support you.
I wish you the best,
Mate Tokay

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In celebration of Ross Ulbricht’s birthday, March 27, the will be posting their personal letters showing their support for Ross. If you would like to help Ross, feel free to donate to his appeal fund at'

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