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WINGS Foundation Donations reach $1 Million within 48 hours

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Dear Ross Ulbricht: A Birthday Letter From Mate Tokay

Dear Ross, I truly hope you can find some happiness on your Birthday. What you have done gives strength to people to fight for our rights...

Bitcoin Blocksize and The Future

Editors Note: The team agrees with Mr. Belshe thoughts. We support bigger blocks and Bitcoin Classic "We need to increase the throughput capacity of Bitcoin...

Premium Hardware Wallet KeepKey Partners with The Vanbex Group

Disclaimer: This is a Press Release, submit yours today here! Vancouver, CAN ­ Among the various digital currency hardware wallets to emerge last year, the Washington­based...

How to Identify Transaction Malleability Attacks

Having greatly influenced Mt. Gox in 2014, transaction malleability is a “new-old” issue within the Bitcoin industry. This issue can still create problems for...

Krugman Is Clueless about Bitcoin

In this video clip, Paul Krugman demonstrates once again that prizes don’t make you an expert on everything. Indeed, his poor prognostications happen so...

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