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Joe Rogan is as Excited About Bitcoin as Ever

Bitcoin expert, Andreas Antonopoulos, who has been on the Joe Rogan Experience three times and will be on the podcast once more September 7. 

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Rogan is as Excited About Bitcoin as Ever

Andreas-AntonopoulosThis is big news for Bitcoiners, who have enjoyed a wide range of comments about their digital currency this week, including English musician Lily Allen. Antonopoulos, a leading Bitcoin expert who regularly appears in front of corporate audiences to discuss the revolutionary technology, posted on the popular social media site Reddit. In the subreddit r/BTC, he noted that this time he would speak to a JRE audience nearly double the size the last time he was on.

He wrote:

“I have been invited to go on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast for the fourth time. Please join me, live, on September 7th. The JRE podcast now has almost double the audience it had last time I was on, more than a year ago. Joe is as excited about bitcoin as ever and we have a lot to discuss.”

Joe Rogan, who does commentary for the UFC, has had an illustrious career in entertainment. He hosted Fear Factor, once appearing alongside Dave Chappelle in the short-lived but groundbreaking Chappelle’s Show. Rogan does standup, as well, oftentimes highlighting peculiar realities of modern society, ranging from topics like politics, marijuana, hallucinogens and maybe, one day, Bitcoin also. 

roganThe episode will be a must-see, and can be heard live in many places on the Internet, including YouTube and Stitcher. Many people first heard about Bitcoin on Antonopoulos’ previous appearances on the show.

Much Has Changed Since Last Appearance

IdentityAntonopoulos first appeared on Rogan’s podcast early 2014 in episode 446, then quickly thereafter he appeared in 490. Antonopoulos then appeared in Episode 581, which took place in December 2014.

But much has changed since. For instance, 2015, which some dubbed the “Year of the Blockchain,” saw many of the world’s biggest businesses enter into cryptocurrency space to experiment with the technology’s potential use-cases.

Antonopoulos has even offered to set Rogan up with a wallet and send some bitcoin. Rogan replied: “Not so sure about that, not so sure about that”.

Over the years, Rogan has seemingly become more intrigued by the digital currency.

He said in the most recent episode with Rogan: “In a sense what these banks can use bitcoin… It’s almost like an ability to send and exchange money without using the money itself, they send [value] through bitcoin and money can be transferred to whatever their local currency is or not.”

Will you be watching Antonopoulos’ next appearance on the JRE podcast? Let us know in the comments below!

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