Jaxx Wallet Now Stores DASH, Advanced Features Coming


Jaxx Wallet Now Stores DASH, Advanced Features Coming

Jaxx will now officially support DASH as one of their 4 cryptocurrency assets in one wallet. Meanwhile, the price of Dash has tested new heights of over $14 USD on the news.

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Jaxx Wallet Now Supports DASH

Following a series of announcements about an upcoming integration of DASH on Jaxx.io, the wallet has finally released its new version where users can send, receive and store DASH, alongside Ethereum, Bitcoin, and The DAO tokens. (The DAO tokens can be redeemed on wallet).

Jaxx is the only multi-coin wallet that is also cross-platform, having clients for Windows, Android, Firefox, Chrome, and iOS’s desktop, tablet and mobile.

jaxx cross platformThe Jaxx wallet lets users have full control over their coins, back up and restore all stored coins from one 12 word mnemonic passphrase, simplifying the life of cryptocurrency enthusiasts seeking to be their own bank.

Jaxx has also recently partnered up with Shapeshift.io, the decentralized cryptocurrency conversion service and now supports trade between the supported coins right in the wallet.

Only Basic Features For Now

di iorio
Anthony Di Iorio

It is important to note that users will not yet be able to send DASH through its Instant Transactions feature, nor take advantage of Darksend, the native anonymization technology that brought DASH to fame.

In a recent interview with Amanda B. Johnson’s DASH Detailed, Jaxx CEO Anthony Di
said that for specific features to be developed on coins that Jaxx supports, they would need help and/or funds from the coins’ communities since their strategy is one of basic support rather than specialization for any specific one.

However, Di Iorio did tell Bitcoin.com that:

Only basic wallet features of Dash will be supported at this time, but [are] planned for the future.

Other Wallets Follow

mycelium-bitcoin-walletMycelium, the privacy-centric Bitcoin wallet recently detailed their already announced partnership with the DASH community.

Among the highlights, Rassah confirmed the partnership between the two teams as DASH developers are helping Mycelium implement the Modular BitcoinJ code base presumably as part of the deal to integrate DASH into the highly adopted Bitcoin wallet. He added:

Dash and Mycelium have the same focus and culture, those being the highest possible level of user privacy and security, so we are very excited to be working with them.

Since word about its integration on the both popular Bitcoin wallets begun to spread, the price has risen impressively by almost two dollars since Mycelium’s post on Reddit.

Would you like to see more DASH infrastructure develop? Let us know in the comments below! 

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