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Giving the Gift of Bitcoin This Holiday Season

The season of giving is here, and there’s no better way to spread the incredible benefits of cryptocurrency by giving our loved ones bitcoins. Giving bitcoin to family and friends will help spread adoption and can also be a pretty unique gift.

This holiday season bitcoiners can relax about thinking of gift ideas for their friends and family. The gift of bitcoin gives people an idea of what it’s like to have ultimate control over their wealth, the vision of the future of money, and ultimately funds they can spend on whatever they want. Here are a few clever ideas to give people bitcoin this year for the holidays.

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Giving Paper Wallets

Paper wallets are a great way to give people bitcoin just like physical cash. People can create their own paper wallet design or use a company like Currently, the service has holiday designs with a private key under a tamper evident hologram. And of course, paper wallets can be made without a holiday design and loaded with BTC prior to giving to friends.

Furthermore, has our very own paper wallet creator where users can generate their own address. Paper wallets have great benefits and a couple of drawbacks as well. Make sure you tell people to keep their paper wallets safe as they can be destroyed just like cash.


  Sending E-Cards

There are plenty of services that will allow you to gift people bitcoin through an email. However, another way you can gift bitcoin online is with an e-card service. One service called BitGreet offers Christmas e-cards with bitcoin. Users choose from a variety of designs, and people attach a denomination of BTC to the card. The service is powered by the Isle of Man bitcoin exchange CoinCorner. The free service founded in 2013 says “the only thing you have to worry about is which card to pick!”


Physical Coins

custom_coin_900x9001-300x300Physical bitcoins is another unique way to give cryptocurrency. There a few different coins you can buy pre-loaded, or you can load yourself. Casascius physical Bitcoins are a fan favorite among the community, and sometimes you can even purchase older versions on eBay. Or one could choose some of the fine designs by the Finland-based Denarium. Currently, Denarium is offering holiday deals, and the company accepts multiple cryptocurrencies for its physical products.

Hardware Wallets or Downloading Any Smartphone Wallet App

intro-screenAnother great idea is to give someone a hardware wallet. Of course, they will have to set it up, and you can send them some cryptocurrency to a secure device like Trezor, Ledger or a KeepKey. If you want to give a hardware bearer bond instrument then maybe an OpenDime would be an option.

Or maybe while your Aunts and Uncles are getting saucy by the tree you tell your cousins about Bitcoin and have them download a wallet app to their smartphone. Whether they have an Android or an iOS phone, there are multiple wallets they can download. Then simply send them a few satoshis during the holiday cheer.

Giving bitcoins is an excellent way to educate friends and family about the peer-to-peer cryptocurrency. The holiday season is a perfect way to open the doors bitcoin innovation to the ones you love.

What kind of methods would you use to gift bitcoins during the holiday season? Let us know in the comments below.

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