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Enjoy the Holidays with This 2016 Bitcoin Gift Guide

2016 is coming to a close, Christmas is coming up and bitcoin is, yet again, one of the year’s best performing assets. So, it’s time to get some gifts. There are lots of bitcoin-themed gifts out there and this gift guide presents some of the more interesting ones.

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Experience the True Spirit of Bitcoin


BTCCBTCC Mint coins is one of the most influential Bitcoin miners in the entire Bitcoin network. And, having researched the market and found a lack of physical bitcoins, Bobby Lee and his mining company set out to create a line of products so people could hold their bitcoins in a more tangible manner.

Physical bitcoins have been a thing almost as long as Bitcoin itself, but early companies ran into issues. Much of their business (or their business itself) was based in the US, where such physical bitcoins have been subject to strict regulation. This meant early companies like Casascius coins went the way of the buffalo. But, BTCC Mint has stepped into fill that void — as long as your address isn’t in the US.


trezorLong recognized bitcoin wallet Trezor is considered among the best wallets to give to a bitcoin-holding friend who worries about security. Hardware wallets lend increased standards for security then computers connected to the internet and (especially) online exchanges.

The Bitcoin space has witnessed (and suffered) numerous hacks of prominent online wallets and exchanges, costing users millions in the digital currency.

Help to ensure the bitcoiner in your life never suffers this unfortunate fate with a bitcoin hardware wallet.

Trezor, to be sure, is not the only hardware wallet on the market. Other companies such as KeepKey and Ledger also offer similar hardware options.


Let’s face it: our lives are busy. We don’t always know exactly what the loved ones in our life want for the holidays. But, the Bitcoin ecosystem has this problem covered. Gyft offers a wide array of gift cards that you can purchase with your coins. So, while the gift might not be bitcoin itself, it was at least purchased with the cryptocurrency.


Banksy Bitcoin T-shirtThere is a developed Bitcoin apparel market featuring shirts in the domain of the cyberpunk to straight nerd. You can find a litany of logos featuring Bitcoin-related memes from obscure mathematical references to darknet marketplace logos.

Bitcoin.com features this cool Banksy t-shirt.

Or how about a shirt that features a mushroom and a Bitcoin from Zazzle?

Whatever it is your Bitcoin friend or family member is into, there’s a shirt they’ll gladly sport. Check out the Bitcoin.com store and Zazzle for a taste of what’s available.

Bitcoin Art

Various mediums of Bitcoin-themed art could look good as a postcard or as a huge piece on the wall in a bitcoiner’s home. There is a variety of art online inspired by bitcoin or available for bitcoin. These pieces include interpretations of the Bitcoin logo to paintings of fictional bitcoin-related themes and situations.


A flask, a travel mug, there’s numerous Bitcoin-themed items that might work well in a loved one’s kitchen at Cafepress.


Athough Bitcoin is technically just a bunch of 0’s and 1’s, there is no doubt a formidable market for Bitcoin-themed jewelry that you can sport, like this Bitcoin necklace. Keep the power of cryptography near and dear to your heart with this Casascius coin themed Bitcoin necklace.

Mining Hardware

This is about as tech a gift you can get for someone at the holidays, so make sure it’s for a loved one that has the technical knowhow or dedication to really get started mining. And, also, unless you got free electricity (and even if you do) you probably won’t be making any money at all, and potentially losing money and risking burning a house down. Still, if a loved one is set on getting a miner, then an Antminer is one of the most popular miners on the market today.  

Bitcoin ATM

generalbytes_bitcoin_atm_abb810aThis is like getting a loved one a dog or cat without them asking first. There’s a story that goes around about Easter that people purchase rabbits as a gift. The rabbits are then discarded by the receiver, who — it turns out — is unable to care for an animal. This is a Bitcoin ATM. It’s basically the dog, cat or rabbit of Bitcoin gifts.

Bitcoin ATMs take knowledge. They need love. The operator is responsible for not only the underlying software that drives the ATM, but, as well, the hardware customers actually use. For instance, a cash dispenser. Many Bitcoin ATMs have those. Do you know how to care for one of these things? They key pad — well, the key pad can break at anytime. And where are you going to keep your ATM? And once you do, what happens if someone decides they want to vandalize it?

And we haven’t even gotten to managing the bitcoins yet.

But, let’s say you’ve got a sophisticated Bitcoin friend with some bitcoins sitting around doing nothing. And they just so happen to have a high-trafficked spot (let’s say, trafficked by those working in/around high risk industries), then by all means, give the gift of cashin’ in.

You can learn more about the different Bitcoin ATM’s at the very informative site, CoinATMRadar.com.

Any awesome Bitcoin-themed items our gift guide missed? Let us know in the comments!

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