Exodus Wallet Now Has Built-in ShapeShift Trading

Exodus, the multi-asset wallet with a strong design and usability emphasis, now includes ShapeShift built-in. This allows users to trade between blockchain assets without leaving the wallet app.

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In-App Trading

ShapeShift.io announced the move on October 5, saying it had worked with Exodus since late 2015 to integrate its API.

Exodus users can maintain balances in Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin, Dash, and Dogecoin. The developers say they are working to include more assets in the future.

Exodus ShapeShift Exchange

ShapeShift currently supports trading between 38 crypto tokens and currencies. Moreover, it does not require user accounts, registration or any kind of identification — a feature many find attractive.

Daniel Castagnoli, Exodus chief creative officer, said:

“Erik and his team understand the overall customer experience, design, marketing and support. The ShapeShift integration inside Exodus is just the beginning of what we can now do together.”

Exodus’ Design Focus

Looking at Exodus’ website and instructional material, it’s clear the company is focusing its efforts on design and usability.

Exodus' Daniel Castagnoli
Exodus’ Daniel Castagnoli

The company says its setup process is simpler than any other Bitcoin or crypto wallet — reportedly ready to use as soon as the app starts. A pie-chart-like diagram at the center shows a user’s entire portfolio, and each token’s proportional value.

However, users must have a balance of some kind to backup their keys. Private keys are stored locally on each user’s device, but balances are generally recoverable even if a device is lost.

Users can recover balances via Exodus’ automated backup email system, or by recording their recovery phrase (like other HD wallets). Exodus also requires password protection, and it’s imperative users remember them.

ShapeShift CEO and founder Erik Voorhees, who incidentally was Exodus’ first investor, praised the app’s design.

“Exodus has to be the most beautiful cryptocurrency wallet ever made,” he said. “It’s one of those products you try once and instantly see the magic.”

Founders Castagnoli and J.P. Richardson first started developing Exodus in mid-2015. The two are huge cryptocurrency proponents, saying they hold over 90 percent of their personal wealth in crypto assets of some kind, and also pay all contractors in the same.

Wallets Becoming More Sophisticated

Exodus is in several ways similar to Jaxx, another multi-asset HD wallet. Jaxx also features ShapeShift integration, and also has iOS and Android apps. For now, Exodus is available only on Windows, MacOS and Linux desktops.

Erik Voorhees ShapeShift
Erik Voorhees

ShapeShift launched in 2013, and revealed Voorhees as its owner in early 2015. In April 2016, it suffered a $230,000 theft Voorhees claimed was an inside job. However, the company returned immediately and remains in business, with no customers losing money.

Blockchain fans can expect more competition in this space as time goes on, as software developers chase more mainstream, non-technical enthusiasts — who also like more versatile features. The clunky, bare-bones bitcoin wallets of the past are a distant memory as users embrace multi-asset, decentralized utilities.

Are you an Exodus user? Will you become one, with this feature added? Let us know in the comments below.

Images via Shutterstock, Exodus, LinkedIn

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  • Exodus sounds great!

  • jerry

    Howdy everybody !!cheers to Erik.and Daniel and JP.
    I have the exodus wallet and it is a beautiful bright colorful peace of mind to anyone that supports the crypto”s .Having some time with other wallets and beginning with the popular original one that supports B.T.C/E.T.C. When the march bubble crash occurred then recovered, like most newcomers i did panic but learned quickly and caught back up moving ahead 🙂 How nice exodus is and the customer service is old school. Wow JP calls his customers directly. Are you kidding ? That is amazing and reminds me of the old days but i am mid 50s and home school law student veteran. I would like to speak about liability and remedy . It is the wild west and unregulated which is great and should stay that way, however, an honor system has to be obeyed. I for one don’t want the inspector general or c.a .p.b. or s.e.c. having control over a wonderful chance for common folks to have a chance at financial freedom like the elite have with their banks and news media and first hand fun with fresh printed un inflated fiat lol! If a flaw in a service, like a wallet with an exchanger partner, such as failed transfers exists, then this should be made known in bold bright writing with a warning of performance issues $$$ i read articles of people selling their homes to invest in litecoin before the segwitt witness and the long 2 year bear market so where does liability stop ? A PRODUCT that does not perform correctly in a critical time such as when a coin is rising in price is flawed and the consumer should not have to lose ,so here is where honor keeps the record straight ! I feel that Exodus is a company that is just as honorable as Shapeshifter and the recent article “looting the fox” supports the fact that Mr.Voorhees is honest and takes good care of his customers ! So far i think i will be just as thrilled with exodus a year from now as I was when I first downloaded the wallet app. JP. and Daniel seem like great business and creator professionals with big smiles and big futures if they take care of the little start up problems . Thank you

  • cgsimons1187

    Hopefully Shapeshift can fix the problem that is causing their failed exchanges. So far I’ve been waiting over 3 days for them to send my Ether.