EverdreamSoft Makes Major Announcement Before 'Spells' Full Launch


EverdreamSoft Makes Major Announcements Before 'Spells' Full Launch

It’s been a busy few days for EverdreamSoft, makers of the highly-anticipated blockchain game, Spells of Genesis. In two separate announcements, the company revealed a partnership with the popular UK Channel 4 and launched a new Bitcoin.com trading card for Spells.

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EverdreamSoft Partners With Channel 4 to Improve Spells of Genesis

Bitcoin BitCrystals Spells of GenesisOn October 10, EverdreamSoft announced a partnership with the Channel 4 “All 4 Games” project. Through this, Channel 4 will help EverdreamSoft develop Spells of Genesis as it heads toward full launch.

A press release said All 4 Games will contribute to various game aspects, such as graphics, animations and menus.

Spells of Genesis is a mobile trading card game with extensive lore, most of which allegorically refers to events and people in the Bitcoin and blockchain community. Furthermore, it stores all in-game assets on the Bitcoin blockchain as Counterparty tokens.

EverdreamSoft also partnered with the makers of the popular Force of Will to develop Book of Orbs, a blockchain-based, in-game asset management platform. With this platform, both companies hope to encourage wider use of Counterparty tokens to bring video game assets to the Bitcoin blockchain.

All 4 Games executive producer Tone Brennan said:

“The blockchain is a ground-breaking and fast moving form of digital economy and I’m excited that we’re going to be an early entrant infusing this in gaming.”

Commenting on the Channel 4 announcement, EverdreamSoft founder and CEO Shaban Shaame said, “Being endorsed by a solid publisher is a great advantage for every game developer, especially for smaller studios.”

Spells of Genesis Creates a Bitcoin.com Trading Card

Spells of Genesis EverdreamSoftSpells of Genesis has also made a trading card for Bitcoin.com. Drawing from the website’s reputation as an educational resource for beginners, the “BITCOINCOMCD” card reads:

“The guide to riches is offered to newcomers in Askian leading them on their way through this powerful and wealthy land. With chapters on history, security and the different crystals on the market it includes everything they need to know.”

Only 600 cards are available, and players can purchase them at Partner Merchant. Immediately upon release, the cards sold for 130 BitCrystals (0.00029604 BTC) apiece. Now, at press time, only 4 of these cards remain. According to Partner Merchant’s Tokenly website, people can also buy cards using their BitCrystals Box or IndieSquare wallet.

Spells of Genesis soft-launched in September, giving players a chance to try the game and submit feedback before the game’s full launch. All 4 Games will now also participate in this launch.

Are you going to play the full launch version of Spells of Genesis? Let us know in the comments below. 

Images courtesy of EverdreamSoft

Note: The author of this article is an employee of the Vanbex Group, which provides PR services to EverdreamSoft.

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