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Spells of Genesis Game Resets for Further Development

The popular blockchain-based trading card game Spells of Genesis (SoG) has just announced a game reset. After last week’s soft-launch, the game started over on Thursday and all game players began a fresh new experience.

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Spells of Genesis Resets Following Soft Launch

sog_logo_500_500EverdreamSoft explained the purpose of the reset was to prepare for a new solo rewards experience. All players must now compete again for positions on the solo leaderboards, and obtain new in-game items.

EverdreamSoft said it will give 1 WATERSCOURT card to every player who completes the first round. The in-game item tethers to a Counterparty wallet through the SoG interface.

EverdreamSoft’s marketing and communications manager, Markéta Korteova, said this is to thank players who’ve already supported the game.

As well as players receiving the new WATERCOURT item, all registered users will get 25 gems to help them start. Gems are in-game tokens that can be used to obtain different items and objectives during play.

Introducing In-Game Player Guilds

Additionally, the reset will initiate a beta version of player guilds. Guilds are associations of players who excel in their craft. SoG users will be able to create and join guilds, and compete together to obtain higher leaderboard positions. As development moves forward, guilds will move into the mobile version of SoG.

With the addition of guild play, there will be two leaderboard versions: one for solo gaming and the other for team players within guilds. Shaban Shaame, CEO and founder of EverdreamSoft, explained:

We will definitely see the challenge going on by allowing players to play in groups. I’m thrilled to see how engaged the players are with the game


BitCrystals Distribution and Two More Resets

The soft-launch game and current reset follows this summer’s BitCrystals (BCY) sale. This in-game currency can fund a player’s game experience and purchase SoG items. They also have real value — at press time one BCY holds the 24th position on Coinmarketcap.com, and one BCY is worth roughly USD .23 cents.

The latest reset game will continue until October 11, when another reset will begin to facilitate the mobile soft-launch. Developers explained that both single players and guilds will receive BCY, based on their leaderboard positions.

Following the second reset there will be one more, to prepare for the SoG full launch. As with previous resets, the final one will erase all solo gains. This is because, as developers explained, they will tweak the game under the hood during reset periods. EverdreamSoft says players can expect new features after each reset.

The nature of the game has made it popular with cryptocurrency advocates. The development team hopes to capture more mainstream attention in the future.

What do you think about Spells of Genesis? Have you tried the game? Let us know your experiences in the comments below.

 Source: Press Release

Images via the SoG Game.   

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