Disrupting Gender Imbalance In The Bitcoin Ecosystem


Disrupting Gender Imbalance in the Bitcoin Ecosystem

One of the hottest topics in the business world today is how companies should step up their efforts to promote and increase gender diversity. Most of the positions in the business world are “reserved” for male employees, whereas females are not always given the same chances. Even in the Bitcoin world, this trend is worrying, as there are very few female CEOs to be found in the ecosystem.

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Gender Imbalance can be Costly

Bitcoin.com_Gender ImbalanceIt has to be said: there have been major improvements for females in various aspects of life, such as water access, leadership, and education. Women have made notable progress over the past 40 years, but there is still a long way to go. Gender imbalance is becoming more of a critical issue each year, and things need to change sooner rather than later.

There are many advantages to boosting gender diversity, other than because it is “politically correct to do so.” Men and women have different views on things, and a fresh set of eyes from either gender can be very beneficial for the future of a company. While this can also create conflict down the line, innovation comes forth from disagreements — and even destruction.

In this day and age, there is a certain bias towards companies who lean more towards one gender over the other. An all-male company is expected to be a competitive environment, where fierce competition is embraced. An all-female company, on the other hand, is often seen as a “do-good” form of business with no clear goal.

Neither of these assumptions are true, albeit there might be some exceptions. Both men and women are equally qualified and capable of doing the exact same jobs. Granted, they will handle things differently, but that should be seen as a strength, rather than a weakness of any kind.

Even though a lot of men might feel otherwise, whenever there is a woman in charge of a company, performance tends to improve by leaps and bounds. In fact, as far as startup companies are concerned, chances of success are higher whenever there are female board members in play. Additionally, there is a bigger profit margin and a larger, more varied customer base.

Despite all of these positive aspects of having more women on board, most companies stick to the traditional male-dominant business model. Just because the statistics may indicate better chances for success doesn’t mean women will receive the same upper-management opportunities like their male counterparts. It will take an entire mind-shift in the business world before that playing field is made even.

What the Bitcoin Community can do to Help

Bitcoin.com_Gender Diversity BitcoinChanging the paradigm of business will not happen overnight, despite our best efforts. However, the Bitcoin ecosystem and community can show traditional businesses how the right steps should be taken to promote gender diversity. Initiatives like Miss Bitcoin, for example, were designed to make Bitcoin a topic of conversation among females. However, that project has gone awfully quiet in recent months.

While no one is saying that every female Bitcoin enthusiast should start her own Bitcoin company right now, it wouldn’t be a bad thing to see more exploration in this segment. Women have an affinity for finding markets and tools that can be beneficial to everyone in the world. None of these ideas have to be based on Bitcoin, or even blockchain technology per sé, although accepting digital currency payments would be a great boost in global awareness.

Unlike the regular business world, the Bitcoin ecosystem does not discriminate based on gender, ethnicity, location, or cultural beliefs. The Bitcoin ecosystem is open to anyone and everyone, and is only as strong as the amount of people supporting it. Creating more gender diversity in the Bitcoin ecosystem is drastically needed, although the number of women in this sector is increasing at a slow rate.

Putting women in a seat of power within the Bitcoin ecosystem is not an easy task. Creating new companies seems to be the best way to go, although that is not always a viable option. Additionally, the Bitcoin community has to come up with ideas to improve the ratio of men versus women in this ecosystem. 

How would you promote gender diversity in the Bitcoin ecosystem? Do you have any events planned to achieve this goal? Let us know in the comments below!


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