Datt Roadmap Includes Rebranding And Trustless Bitcoin Micropayments


Datt Rebrands to 'Yours' with Trustless BTC Micropayments

Datt is a decentralized and open-source content sharing platform, which offers integrated Bitcoin payments. The people behind this project recently unveiled their roadmap for this project, and a live version should be released by May 15, 2016.

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Datt Roadmap for 2016

Bitcoin.com_Datt Roadmap

Datt is the brainchild of Ryan X. Charles, Steven McKie, and Clemens Ley. As consumers increasingly use ad blockers, monetizing content creation is becoming more difficult every year. But this project can change all of that, as they will use Bitcoin micropayments to let consumers pay creators in a frictionless manner.

Now that the roadmap has been released for this project, things are bound to get very exciting in the coming weeks. Although these time estimates may be off by a small margin, the current plan includes launching Datt on the mainnet by May 15, 2016. However, some changes have been proposed as part of this development roadmap as well, which need to be taken into account.

First of all, it seems Datt will be rebranded, and continue under the name “Yours.” Not that there was anything wrong with the original name, but the team felt it would not be adequate for marketing this initiative to a mainstream audience. Yours is something everybody can relate to, even if do not have a technical background.

Exact details regarding this rebranding from Datt to Yours will follow over the next few weeks. However, it is interesting to note the software package will keep its original name. There is no need to change the name of the engine powering this project, as Yours will be the “public face” of this content creation initiative. Additionally, the Datt Blog will most likely be renamed to Yours Engineering Blog.

What is more important to most enthusiasts is how things are moving along with the Bitcoin micropayment integration. The Datt team is still on track to offer genuine P2P micropayments on the date of launch, and there are plans on the table to implement the Lightning Network at some stage. For the time being, a trustless payment channel hub will be used, based on hash time lock contracts.

On the topic of decentralized storage before launch, Ryan X Charles said:

Since we have limited engineering resources, we believe our focus should be on decentralized micropayments, and not storage, since micropayments make a significant difference in the product, and storage doesn’t. Content on Datt/Yours is already signed, hashed and authenticated client-side, so moving to a decentralized storage system where content is addressed by hash is something we can iterate to over time.

Other topics being discussed include the addition of a leaderboard – to show Yours truly lets people earn money – as well as a very brief testnet launch before the project goes live. Last but not least, there will be a plan to build up an initial user base for the platform, including limited beta previews.

Decentralized Content Sharing

It is important for digital currency enthusiasts to distinguish between Datt and Yours as well as what regular social media networks are trying to achieve. This is not a platform to share family vacation pictures by any means. Datt wants to empower people to find the best content, and get paid for the value users provide to the overall community. 

What are your thoughts on the Datt concept and roadmap? Can we truly decentralize content sharing? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Datt Blog

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