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Crypto-Anarchist Cody Wilson Launches 3D Printed M1911 Handgun Software

In the past bitcoiners could purchase a machine called the “Ghost Gunner 2,” from a Texas company called Defense Distributed (DD) led by crypto-anarchist Cody Wilson. A Ghost Gun is a firearm that is built or modified without serial numbers and the company’s product makes untraceable AR-15 rifle parts. Now, this week Wilson has announced the Ghost Gunner 2 has implemented new software that can mill an aluminum frame of an M1911 handgun.

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For Less Than Half a Bitcoin Individuals Can Now Make Untraceable AR-15 and M1911 Aluminum Frames

Cody Wilson is a well-known individual among cypherpunks and the bitcoin ‘community.’ Wilson’s name is notorious for creating the first working handheld 3D printed gun called the “Liberator.” The Liberator’s blueprints were downloaded 100,000 times in just two days after the U.S. government gave his business some troubles. Wilson is also popular among bitcoiners for working with former bitcoin developer and anarchist, Amir Taaki, on a privacy-centric bitcoin client called Dark Wallet. The DD founder is labeled as one of “the most dangerous men in the United States” by mainstream media, and has been discussing the new launch with many news outlets. Wilson appeared on the radio broadcast the Crypto Show last night and told listeners that the DD business was doing well, and gave insight towards the creation of the new M1911 handgun software.

Crypto-Anarchist Cody Wilson Launches 3D Printed M1911 Handgun Software
Cody Wilson, founder of Defense Distributed.

Bitcoin Accounts for 10 Percent of the Ghost Gunner Revenue

The M1911 semiautomatic pistols can also be made into other handgun models that have similar structures; like the Colt 45. In the future, Wilson details the company plans to create a broad range of untraceable pistol models. Defense Distributed has sold over 4,000 Ghost Gunners and the CNC milling machine itself and its unique parts can be purchased with bitcoin. Wilson details the business gets about 10 percent of its revenue in bitcoin. The Atlanta-based firm Bitpay processes the bitcoin payments for the company and Wilson has revealed that as the price of bitcoin rises people are purchasing more DD products.

Crypto-Anarchist Cody Wilson Launches 3D Printed M1911 Handgun Software
Defense Distributed’s M1911 handgun. 

During the weekend launch of the new Ghost Gunner 2 software Wilson told the publication Wired that the gun making machine brings the cypherpunk movement to a whole new level.

“The whole cypherpunk attitude of total gun privacy is more coherent in this smaller package — Now you can have a private 1911 or a private Glock, and it’s at the level of automated manufacturing,” explains the DD founder.

Taking Crypto-Anarchy to a Whole New Level

Crypto-Anarchist Cody Wilson Launches 3D Printed M1911 Handgun Software
The Ghost Gunner 2 and parts can be purchased with bitcoin.

Additionally, during the Sunday night Crypto Show broadcast, Wilson explains why he created the new handgun software. The DD founder says not everyone wants an AR-15 rifle because it’s a pretty big gun. With the new software, clients can make a private 1911 with ease just like the larger assault rifle. However, Wilson explains to the Crypto Show hosts that building the company’s Ghost Gunner products is no easy task. There are other company’s that have tried to create CNC gun mills, but Wilson explains DD’s quality is above the rest. The company is also not the first organization to mill an M1911 pistol made of metal as the company, Solid Concepts, demonstrated the concept back in 2013.

Wilson is pleased with his company’s CNC-milling machines, and tells Ars Technica that handguns are a big part of the project. “A lot of our 3D-printed work reaches its apex when you can make handguns,” Wilson tells the publication. “Handguns are the essence of this project, so, when you can give people the means to make them, it’s the refinement of the project.”

“It’s basically announcing the completion of the initial Ghost Gunner project — now it’s a machine that can make pistols for people — We got there.

What do you think about Cody Wilson and Defense Distributed? How do you feel about software that creates 3D printed untraceable M1911 handguns? Let us know in the comments below.

Images via Youtube, Wired, and Defense Distributed. 

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