DarkWallet development resumes on privacy focused bitcoin wallet as lead developer returns from hiatus

Just when everyone started to think that DarkWallet development had completely been abandoned, and that the bitcoin wallet was no longer being supported, the lead developer of the wallet Pablo Martin has returned and began merging code into the GitHub open-source code showing that development has resumed.

DarkWallet is a privacy focused bitcoin wallet that strives to develop for users that value anonymity and privacy. DarkWallet users have full control over their bitcoin private keys, and the wallet features trustless mixing for enhanced anonymity, multisig, stealth addresses, and a host of other features. The problem is that over the past year development has stalled, with little to no code work to support the wallet and from September 2015 to January 2016, there have been zero updates on the wallet at all (until today). This has led the entire DarkWallet community and bitcoin users to speculate on the status of the wallet, and also on what has happened to the lead developer Pablo Martin.

In December, DarkWallet co-founder Cody Wilson while interviewed on The Crypto Show said that Pablo Martin was “missing” possibly due to “foul play.” Unfortunately there hasn’t been much more information than this to the greater community over the months. In addition it hasn’t helped that another lead developer of the bitcoin wallet and outspoken activist Amir Taaki has also been absent from development from the wallet and from bitcoin in general; however, in a reddit comment in December in relation to the Cody Wilson interview, bitcoin developer Peter Todd saidthat “Amir is fine” implying that his whereabouts and status are well known, and that Pablo’s was more to be concerned about.

Since development literally just resumed, the end result is yet to be determined on how much the wallet is going to be supported moving forward, but at least we now know that the wallet is still being worked on. In the interim, other privacy focused wallets have since stepped up to fill the void in the market, such as Samourai Wallet.

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