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Coinimal re-brands to BITPANDA, launches new features including bitcoin wallet

Austrian based bitcoin exchange Coinimal has re-branded to BITPANDA. Along with the new name comes a new logo and website design, as well as new features including the BITPANDA bitcoin wallet.

As of this week, Coinimal is now BITPANDA. The website has also changed which is now bitpanda.com. The new website sports a whole new look, along with a new logo to match. Most of the exchange features have remained the same, where users can buy and sell bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies such as ethereum. However, with the new name comes a new wallet too.

The wallet is a simple and clean design which gives users the options to send, receive, and store their bitcoin. The easy to understand interface shows your bitcoin address which is a multisignature address and also a list of recent transactions. Users can also buy and sell bitcoin directly from the wallet, as pictured below.


In a company update announcing the re-branding, Eric Demuth from BITPANDA said,

BITPANDA’s user experience will be enhanced, we’re introducing the game-changer feature of enabling users to buy and sell coins right from the integrated wallet. That means it will be significantly easier and faster to store and sell bitcoins, not least because you won’t have to wait for a confirmation after your deposit, the coins will just be right there in your account. Transactions from our hosted wallets are free and because they are fully integrated with BITPANDA, you can instantly use your Bitcoins from your wallet for our different sell options without waiting for blockchain confirmations.

BITPANDA is still going through the redesign, as several pages and text still say Coinimal. In April, they added Visa and Mastercard as ways to buy bitcoin through the exchange.

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