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Chinese P2P Lending Platform Joins Hyperledger Project

The Linux-led Hyperledger Project recently announced a partnership with Chinese peer-to-peer (P2P) platform The company will utilize blockchain technology to further the platform’s future progression.

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Hyperledger Partners With P2P Lender Achieving 100 Active Members

dianrongOpen source distributed ledger project Hyperledger recently revealed six new alliances including (formally SinoLending), ZhongChao Credit, Shanghai Gingkoo, and others. The additional collaborations gives the Hyperledger Project a massive 100 member participants. Hyperledger has been adding a vast amount of Chinese businesses to the project, such as its recent Wanda Group partnership. will be the first P2P platform to join the initiative.

“Construction of the blockchain infrastructure is now basically complete,” detailed’s spokesperson in a statement.

Former Lending Club Chief Technology Officer, Mr. Soul Htite founded with Kevin Guo in China back in 2012. The company performs similarly to the Lending Club and says its platform helps the lending needs within the Chinese region. The company offers small consumer and business loans in RMB. says the company has recently been researching how blockchains may enhance credit lending and contracts. Will Invest $30-40 Million Into Blockchain R&D Over the Next Two Years  

Mr. Soul Htite founder and CEO

A spokesperson for Dianrong said the technology will allow anonymous transactions between strangers, which is perfect for online lending. The company stated it has a nearly finished version of a blockchain product currently in development. The framework will allow certain entities to “share and utilize” secure data the spokesperson revealed. This includes trading and asset management within financial markets amongst several partnerships.

“We are currently in the process of engaging further with various parties and cooperating partners,” explained’s spokesperson.

Back in November detailed the company had become one of China’s top three P2P lenders. While announcing the milestone CEO Soul Htite explained the company was focused on blockchain technology. Htite said the firm would invest US$30-40 million into blockchain R&D over the next two years. The company believes applying distributed ledgers to P2P lending will reduce certain costs significantly.         

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