Hyperledger Has Grown 170% This Past Year, Says Project Team


Hyperledger Has Grown 170% This Past Year, Says Project Team

The Hyperledger Project announced 17 new members that will collaborate in researching, developing and standardizing blockchain technology.

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Hyperledger Project Adds ‘Two New Members Per Week’

HyperledgerThe project has attracted 80 business members since the inception of Hyperledger last year.

“There’s been a tremendous response to our vision for creating an open community for blockchain technology,” Hyperledger Director Brian Behlendorf stated in the announcement. “At a growth rate of nearly two new members joining per week, there’s no telling where we’ll be at by the end of the year.”

The organization plans to build and deploy applications, platforms, and protocols that enhance business transactions. All of these innovations will work with an open-source code and distributed ledger architecture.

Led by the Linux Foundation, the project has backing from industry giants, such as JP Morgan, Wells Fargo, Intel, IBM, and Cisco. The project has been moving forward since it began with various development announcements in the past six months. In April, the Hyperledger Project added IBM executives and Blythe Masters to its governance structure.

The latest members to join the initiative include Samsung SDS, Union Mobile Pay, Netki and the NxT Foundation. Won-Pyo Hong, President of Samsung SDS’ Solution Business, said:

Blockchain is, without a doubt, a disruptive technology that will have significant impacts on numerous business areas. We are proud to be a member of the Hyperledger community and look forward to contributing and sharing our expertise with its members.

Open Standards to Fast-Track DLT

Open SourceNew members come from all around the world and focus on supply chains, Internet of Things, manufacturing, and finance operations. Justin Newton, CEO of Netki said, “The Hyperledger Project is a place to collaborate with the broader community and its stakeholders to create open, scaleable blockchain platforms and solutions.”

Six months ago, the establishment of Hyperledger “marked a milestone in the advancement of distributed ledger technology,“ said former JP Morgan executive Blythe Masters.

The Hyperledger Project believes it is on the fast-track to standardize blockchain innovation as the organization has grown 170% in the past six months. Many of the new members believe Hyperledger’s open standard will help usher in the digital revolution and future economy.

Bin Zhang, Founder and CEO of Union Mobile Pay E-Commerce Ltd., adds:

Blockchain is the core technology for the realization of a new economy in the future; We strongly believe that Hyperledger is the most promising project in Blockchain to achieve success in the financial field.

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