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CEX.IO bitcoin exchange hits a new milestone, reaches 700,000 users

Based in the United Kingdom, bitcoin exchange CEX.IO has announced that they have reached a new milestone, hitting 700,00 exchange users.

CEX.IO is an exchange located in London, where users can buy and sell bitcoins using their online platform with a bank transfer or with credit cards using Visa or Mastercard. The company launched in 2013 and also manages and operates the GHash.IO bitcoin mining pool.

In a company update, they said:

“Such a rapid growth is nothing more than an acknowledgment of your trust in our service, and we kindly thank you for staying with us.”

The UK startup has done well for themselves in the space. In May they reported that they have hadaccrued $40 million in deposits and 600,000 users. In just one month they have quickly grown gaining 100,000 new users since the last update. The exchange processes nearly ~1000 btc per day.

Just last week they updated their buy and sell page to simply the process to make transacting bitcoin as simple as possible. They also updated their mobile app creating a step-by-step guide with tips for new users, which gives a short overview of the app’s main functions and pages. The update also included the enabling of charts for trading pairs.

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