Bitcoin Therapy Hotline

Breadwallet’s Bitcoin Therapy Hotline Exceeds Expectations

The first week with Breadwallet’s Bitcoin Therapy Hotline exceeded all expectations, announced Breadwallet CMO Aaron Lasher. He did not know what to expect when launching the hotline, according to’s previous interview, but knew there had been a lot of negativity and vitriol permeating the ecosystem. He just wanted to find a way to inject some optimism. That was the ultimate purpose of the hotline, even if it was not touted as 100% serious. It was not a joke either, though.

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Breadwallet's Bitcoin Therapy Hotline Exceeds Expectations

How the Hotline Exceeded Expectations

Lasher outlined many highlights about the hotline’s performance. He said quite a few old friends called to catch up or chat. He had many callers who harbored concerns about the blocksize debate and what would happen to their bitcoin. Some of them even appeared to need moral support as a result of bitcoin’s current bear market trend.

Some just called to request new features for breadwallet’s native application. They were interested in new services and promoted many possible ideas. Lasher said he accepted these calls with humility, saying it may directly alter Breadwallet’s road map.

He said the hotline also received calls after hours, especially on the weekends. This acted as a testament to the popularity of the hotline. Many of the callers also left a voicemail. Lasher mentioned 20% of the callers were women. This was good news for him, because it suggested the bitcoin community has diversified.

Conclusion: Most Shocking Revelation

The most shocking revelation of the Hotline for Lasher was the fact he received zero prank calls. Not a single person called just to get a quick laugh and waste time. That appears like it bodes well for the entire community. Lasher elaborated and provided a graph of the calls:

“Of all the calls we received, we did not get a single prank call. Frankly this was the most shocking revelation of all, considering it was our biggest fear that people with too much time on their hands would abuse the line for a cheap laugh. But we had zero, nada, zilch. Faith in humanity restored. For those who are interested, below is a distribution of the types of calls we received:”

Breadwallet's Bitcoin Therapy Hotline Exceeds Expectations
Chart courtesy of Aaron Lasher and Breadwallet

The number to the hotline is still posted on Breadwallet’s blog. It is: +1-305-791-491 (Open weekdays 10a-5p EST),

Have you also called the Bitcoin Therapy Hotline? Let us know in the comments section below.

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  • Liberty88

    Many participants believe it’s about to get real – real quick. And so they are taking it seriously….?

  • Not a bad idea

  • DICTATOR ✪✪✪✪✪

    Just unloaded all my bitcoins as per the advice I received because of the oncoming segwit deadline on Aug 1. Jump SHIP fast if you don’t want to lose your money. It is a massacre in the crypto currency world with over $50 billion moved out of cryptocurrency in the last few days.

    JUMP SHIP! JUMP SHIP! Save your skins!

    • This is perhaps the best investment advice I have ever heard. When times go down, you HOLD. You may have to wait 10 years for the valuations to recover, but your HOLD. It is also why you NEVER invest more than you can lose. Scared money never wins.

      • DICTATOR ✪✪✪✪✪

        Thanks. No problem

        >>When times go down, you HOLD
        That is the most silliest thing I have heard. LMFAO
        I have already lost $1100 per bitcoin if I traded it earlier. I am not going to wait to lose all of it. LOL

        >>It is also why you NEVER invest more than you can lose
        I invested at $200+ boy. made my profit. I ain’t greedy. I am taking my money and running. Good luck holding it. When BTC turns into dust, you will be kicking yourself in the back.

        >>Scared money never wins.
        MUHAHAHAAH! Philosophy lesson too? LMFAO
        I invested my money and made my profits. I won boy! BTC is speculation. You better be scared. BTC has crashed 4 times in 2011-2014.

        • I wish I could take credit for “Scared money never wins”, but that is a *very* common saying at gambling tables. As for the rest, think what you want, rationalize what you want, it is just generally best not to panic, which is what you seemed to be doing. SURE, if we sould a while back we would be a lot richer, but we have no way to know that THEN, so you have to take it in stride and, BUY if not HOLD, if you believe in thee fundamentals.

          • DICTATOR ✪✪✪✪✪

            >>gambling tables
            Do you know the gambler’s theory? Gambler’s never win because they hold out too much. That s the reason why the casino’s are in business. People just don’t know when to quit.

            Be careful with your money bud! I have lost money in stocks only because I “held out”. I hope for your sake you are right. I do not wish for you to lose money and I hope I am wrong. I have no regrets even though I did not cash out at $3000. I still made my oney. Good luck, bud!

          • I am not a gambler myself, aside from investments. I prefer to have a little data, other than random luck, lol. It is just a common saying I thought everyone had heard, sorry.

          • So you are (or were yesterday) predicting the imminent doom of Bitcoin? Ironically, I bought Bitcoin yesterday. Nice little gain. Think I’ll sell now. That is how I play it. Chip on the main position (which is long, so these ups and downs don’t bother me).

          • DICTATOR ✪✪✪✪✪

            Sure. Invest all you want. Good luck

          • You understand that the idea is to ‘buy low and sell high’ though, right? I’m glad you came out ahead, I just worry that your fear drove you to make an irrational, premature decision, and that was because it was ‘scared money’.

          • DICTATOR ✪✪✪✪✪

            Dude, sorry, I ain’t interested in an obscure concept called “scared money” cooked up by the Wall Street Boys just to make sure that people hold on to their stocks until they dump it and make money off it.

            If your only explanation to you holding onto your bitcoins through this keyword called “scared money”, you will be taught a lesson, just as I was a few years ago.

            I have burnt my money in stocks because of this keyword. I didn’t now. I have no regrets even if the bitcoin doesn’t crash. I made my money.

          • This term was coined before either of us were born. It is well-defined, as I wrote. Those who are too scared to take risk, can not reap (as high) rewards.

            And it will be interesting to see your response (like mine about 8 years ago) when I would of had $100k instead of $10, lol.

          • I hold cryptocurrencies because I believe in them. I don’t panic sell because I am not operating with scared money (actually 100% profit).

          • DICTATOR ✪✪✪✪✪

            >>If you just can’t understand the concept, then … I tried.
            LMFAO. I can’t understand the concept? Did you even read what I wrote? “scare money”? LOL. Utter BS (sorry, no disrespect meant to you). It is because of this useless philosophy that many kids will lose a lot of money in bitcoin in august. Many people are already moving money out of cryto-currencies. I confirmed it with my investment group.

            I have way too much experience in investing in stocks to believe in this useless rule.

          • Keep it real. You are telling me you have experience investing in stocks? Well you sure panic sold. Hey, I’ve done it too. So my new rule is not to invest in anything I don’t believe has long-term potential, which is why my investments are diversified among several crypto-currencies and stocks (no bonds). But come on man, you really don’t understand what ‘scared money’ means? That means you are scared to lose that money, so don’t put it on the line for a possible ‘win’, *or* (in your case) you prematurely pull it out when you think the sky is falling. No way you were a trader on Wall St without knowing this saying. In fact, I would have guessed you were 15 to not have heard that before, not to mention your prior comments against Wall St, accusing them of coining the term.

          • DICTATOR ✪✪✪✪✪

            >>That means you are scared to lose that money, so don’t put it on the line for a possible ‘win’, *or* (in your case)
            MUHAHAHAHA! Keep justifying your investment choices. That’s how I lost all the money I invested once. Now, I made my money and ran!

          • Still think it was a good idea to sell when you did?

          • DICTATOR ✪✪✪✪✪


        • And had you NOT sold yesterday, what would they be worth today?

    • I’m buying. 10¢ on the dollar. Send your worthless Bitcoin to me.

      • DICTATOR ✪✪✪✪✪

        I already sold. Took my profits and ran. Good luck with yours

        • HODLing, LOL.

          • I tried to tell him. But he thought I was insane, and now thinks I’m still insane. Apparently there is imminent doom to befall all cryptocurrencies that only he knows about.

          • DICTATOR ✪✪✪✪✪

            Sure. Keep it till it turns to dust. See if I care. LOL

          • LMFAO! Dust not imminent.

          • DICTATOR ✪✪✪✪✪

            “Close to dust” then. ROFLMFAO

          • LOL! Yet another FAIL. Would you like to come back tomorrow after Bitcoin has advanced another 10% over the previous day? People could make a lot of money betting against your claims.

          • DICTATOR ✪✪✪✪✪

            Yeah! Keep looking at daily gains. It will keep gaining 20% daily until it takes you to the guillotine.

          • Okay, buddy. 😉

      • This dude sold, after I tried to warn him not to freak out and panic sell, but he did anyway – got a little profit he claims. He apparently thinks I conjured up the ‘obscure’ term ‘Scared money doesn’t win’. No. That pre-dates all our births.

    • Great move, thanks for the Bitcoin, I bought them right up that same day ;). Since they are up 20% at least since then, nice little boost, chip at the larger position.

      • DICTATOR ✪✪✪✪✪

        Impressed by daily boosts, are you? I once did. right before it took one swing south!

        • Yes, markets tend to do that. All markets. They go up, they go down. The point I have tried to drill in your head is that ‘panic selling’ is how they ‘eat up’ the little man. To each his own though!

          • DICTATOR ✪✪✪✪✪

            LMFAO! Keep your drill to yourself please.

  • People who fail to ride out the FUD deserve what they (don’t) get.

    • I so agree with you, on this. Man that dude below went crazy nuts. It was nice to see it rebound the next day, as I *told* him it would.


    How many calls did he receive and over what time frame?