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Breadwallet Boots Up The Bitcoin Therapy Hotline

To survive in the bitcoin ecosystem—with fluctuating price points and constant bickering in various forums—some people may need a kind person to lend them an ear. They may need reassurance or moral support, and that is exactly why Breadwallet CMO Aaron Lasher launched the Bitcoin Therapy Hotline

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Breadwallet Boots Up The Bitcoin Therapy Hotline
Aaron Lasher, CMO Breadwallet

His post on Breadwallet’s blog read, “Recently, the bitcoin community has seen a lot of infighting surrounding competing ideologies and plans for governance, which can leave even the most casual of bitcoiners frustrated, confused, or in a crisis of identity.” Lasher continued, “In an attempt to offer some clarity and support to the bitcoin community as a whole, today we are launching the Bitcoin Therapy Hotline (BTH).”

Is this Some kind of Joke? Details of the Hotline

On knee jerk reaction, some people would think this therapy hotline was some kind of practical joke. reached out to Lasher to investigate if it was a joke or a sincere attempt at helping people. Lasher said,

Is it 100% serious? No. Is it 100% a joke? No. It’s a real line and I’ll talk to anybody who wants to get something off their chest about the bitcoin world.

Lasher said he started the hotline for a specific reason. He said, “I’ve always mused over how people are more civil in persona than on the internet, and saw this as an opportunity to expose myself in a small way, make myself available for worthwhile discussions. The hotline is also free for anyone to call and Breadwallet does not have expectations of compensation for services rendered.

Limitations of the Bitcoin Therapy Hotline; The Number to Seek Help

Even though Lasher mentioned he will discuss anything with Breadwallet Boots Up The Bitcoin Therapy Hotlineanyone regarding bitcoin woes, his blog did offer some guidelines and limitations. The blog entry said it is not a customer support hotline, nor are anyone who answers licensed therapists. There is also a chance discussions may be limited to 10 minutes due to high demand for the service.

However, as it stands, the line is open and available to bitcoiners…and when someone calls, they will likely be greeted with a friendly, “Bitcoin Therapy Hotline, how can I help”!

The number to the hotline is posted on their blog. It is: +1-305-791-4911

Do you have any reason to call the Bitcoin Therapy Hotline? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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