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Breadwallet adds support for Apple Watch and announces buy/sell feature

In an update to the Breadwallet iOS app in iTunes, version 0.6, Breadwallet posted updates for Apple Watch support and an early access program. 

In the early access program within the app, it lists a Buy Bitcoin option which will enable the purchase of bitcoin using various payment methods in available regions when it becomes available.

Sam Sutch, CTO of Breadwallet, said on social media that “the buy/sell feature will remain entirely opt-in. The button may be present in future versions, however it’s functionality is inert until you complete the process of a purchase or sale.”

At this time you have to request access within the app, then wait for approval and notification as the functionality roles out in the future. It’s unclear at this time exactly how the Breadwallet buy and sell functionality will work. Breadwallet is open source, so users can dig-through the code andfind references to the upcoming buy bitcoin features within the wallet application, although the final code isn’t published yet on how the buying feature will be implemented.

In an almost two year old thread in the Breadwallet Github, CEO Aaron Voisine said in regards to adding built-in trading features in the wallet app,

The only way it would make sense would be if there was a section in the app to “buy bitcoin”, with links to multiple services. I need to learn more about the mycelium trading platform to see if it would be appropriate in that context.

Breadwallet may be adding links to multiple bitcoin exchange providers, or they may be building decentralized trading features within the app which could connect users with each other to buy/sell bitcoin, similar to the Mycelium wallet app. Found in the source code is that the “Buy Bitcoin” feature was previously named “Buy Bitcoin With Cash,” which hints more toward the decentralized trading application feature set.

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