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BitcoinX.io was recently featured on the Bitcoin Rush show

Recently BitcoinX had the great pleasure of being featured on the Bitcoin Rush YouTube show, where Rush talked about what BitcoinX does and how it serves the bitcoin community in various ways.

To learn more about BitcoinX, please visit http://bitcoinx.io/about.

Watch the video to get a great overview, or for a quick synopsis: BitcoinX has the largest database of bitcoin exchanges and bitcoin wallets on the market where we monitor every exchange and wallet and provide tools to the bitcoin community to rate and review each one. Other services include a real-time price ticker and chart, other charts such as a Bitcoin Market Capitalization chart, market news, reports, price widgets, developers API, and Bitcoin informational resources and FAQs.

If you have questions, please feel free to get in touch or follow BitcoinX on Twitter @BitcoinXio.

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