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Bitcoin exchange HaoBTC will soon introduce the maker-taker fees model

Chinese bitcoin wallet and mining company HaoBTC last month officially launched their bitcoin exchange, which for the most part has been a simple buy and sell exchange with some basic options such as limit orders and market orders.

Today they announced plans to introduce a commonly used maker-taker fees model to the exchange, which should help attract new traders to the platform.

At the time of publishing, it’s not yet confirmed on what the new fees model will be. As comparison, below are other leading Chinese bitcoin exchanges who also run the maker-taker model and what their fees are. It’s probable that HaoBTC will have similar fees to stay competitive in the market.

  • BTCC – Maker Fees: .30 CNY | Taker Fees: .50 CNY
  • Huobi – Maker Fees: 0.1% USD (volume based) | Taker Fees: 0.2% – .08% USD (volume based)
  • OkCoin – Maker Fees: 0.00 | Taker Fees: .20% – .10% USD (volume based)


Maker-taker fees offer a transaction rebate to customers who provide liquidity (the market maker) to the exchange, while charging customers who take that liquidity. The main purpose of maker-taker fees model is to stimulate trading activity within an exchange by extending the incentive to post orders, in theory facilitating trading activity.

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