Apple Approves Three More Cryptocurrencies for iOS App Store


Apple Approves Three More Cryptocurrencies for iOS App Store

Tech giant Apple has been picky lately when it comes to certain cryptocurrencies. However, on September 12 the Cupertino, California-based firm revealed three more altcoins have been approved for its App Store.

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Lisk, Digicash and Steem Allowed in the App Store

Anthony Di Iorio Jaxx Bitcoin
Jaxx CEO, Anthony Di Iorio

Apple left the crypto-community in a state of confusion after the removal of two cryptocurrencies last week. Now, Jaxx CEO Anthony Di Iorio has learned in a detailed conversation with Apple that three different altcoins have received approval for inclusion on iOS devices.

Lisk, Steem and Digicash got the green light for the iOS App Store, bringing the total number of approved cryptocurrencies to nine.

Di Iorio’s earlier discussions with Apple revealed the first six approved tokens: Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, the DAO, and Ripple.

Jaxx CEO learned of the newest additions on Monday, September 12. He told press:

“On Monday we learned that Apple permits apps using nine specific digital currencies, critical information to the crypto community. At Jaxx, we’ve been committed to supporting a global blockchain ecosystem. Every day our developers work to build a consistent infrastructure across blockchains and across platforms. To that end, the insight we have gleaned from Apple thus far has been invaluable, and we hope to learn more about Apple’s policies and procedures for blockchain in the near future,”

Jaxx Desktop & Android Wallets Still Support Currencies Unapproved For iOS

The Jaxx team said that Dash and Ethereum Classic supporters can still use those tokens on Android mobile devices, Google Chrome and Firefox extensions. Since the launch of Jaxx in June 2016, the multi-cryptocurrency wallet has become very popular. The wallet has been a choice platform for over 40,000 users since Jaxx’s inception.

Apples list of approved cryptocurrencies is interesting, to say the least, leaving community members wondering which blockchain the company will add next.

The Dash community had also questioned the integrity of the firm’s decision-making process after it allowed the now-defunct DAO token into the App Store. YouTube show “Dash Detailed” released a parody video making fun of the company’s decision.

 What Cryptocurrencies Will Apple Approve or Remove Next?

appleDespite the back and forth between approving and disallowing cryptocurrencies in its App Store, Apple has been rather friendly towards Bitcoin. Most recently, the company allowed users to integrate the Circle application into the latest iOS 10 iMessage platform.

While many people doubted that Apple would allow bitcoin transactions through its native application, it turned out to be true. Many Bitcoiners applauded Apple’s decision to enable Circle inside the iMessage platform, showing their enthusiasm over social media.

Soon after the announcement of Circle’s iOS 10 integration, the crypto-community received shocking news that the popular Shapeshift app had been removed from the store. Shapeshift said they will try to come up with a solution to get back into the App store, but for now they recommend that Apple users access the platform from their mobile web browsers.

Jaxx and many other third-party platforms will be interested in getting more in-depth knowledge regarding Apple’s decision-making process. At this point, it’s still unclear why the company has chosen some coins, but shunned others.

What do you think about Apple allowing Lisk, Steem, and Digicash into the App store? Let us know in the comments below.

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Images courtesy of Anthony Di Iorio, Apple Websites

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