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Agentic Blockchain Consortium Expands To London

New York-based blockchain consortium Agentic Group has announced its latest expansion into the UK. The organization, composed of over 35 distributed ledger and cryptocurrency projects, aims to demystify these protocols by providing leadership and R&D opportunities.

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Agentic Consortium Creates Two Offices in Europe

Agentic GroupThe blockchain consortium aims to support ideas that develop and monetize the emerging “Internet of Value.” The latest expansion adds an office in London headed by Lucas Cervigni, serial entrepreneur and global fintech industry veteran. Agentic’s UK announcement plans to bolster the financial technology sector in Europe following the controversial Brexit vote in June.

Lucas Cervigni, Managing Director of Agentic UK, stated in the announcement:

“Representation in the UK is key for many reasons.—Currently the fifth largest economy in the world, Britain boasts a strong history of excellence in the financial services sector. Outside of New York City, London has for decades been considered a financial hub where not just multinational financial institutions are located but innovative financial technology startups choose to settle and grow,”

Agentic Group
(L-R) Rik Willard (Founder and Managing Director, Agentic Group) and Lucas Cervigni (Managing Director, Agentic UK)

Agentic was formed in 2015 with a mission to equip businesses with tools that provide blockchain advice, development services, consultation, and insight to corporate entities, nonprofits, governments agencies, and NGOs.

Eric Benz, Co-Founder and Chief Operations Officer of the firm Credits believes Agentic is an “exciting consortium” that will benefit many companies interested in distributed ledger technology and the Internet of Value. Benz explains that his company will help provide a framework for a number of projects that will be announced in the near future.

Rik Willard, Founder and Managing Director of Agentic Group, says the need for this organization’s services is overwhelming stating:

“The Agentic Group was founded in response to the need for a cohesive voice in the field that addresses not only the financial implications of digital currencies and blockchains, but also the significant ramifications for the rest of the global business community,”

The implications of the Brexit vote have ignited more discussion concerning these innovative technologies, says Lucas Cervigni. The Agentic UK director details, “we will provide insight and consultation on what the possible disruption of the EU referendum vote could have on these revolutionary technologies.” The aim of the UK expansion Cervigni says is to enhance the conversation with the company’s broad insight fueled by its relationship with over 35 blockchain projects.

“There is no doubt the number of debates on blockchain technology and digital currencies is increasing and will continue to do so, despite the Brexit vote,” Cervigni explains.

The London office will be the second European location opened in less than thirty days, with the launch of Agentic France this past June. The Agentic group says this is just the beginning of the company’s many announcements surrounding the fintech landscape worldwide.

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