Popular TV Shows are Now Mainstreaming Cryptocurrency


Popular TV Shows are Now Mainstreaming Cryptocurrency

Bitcoin is becoming more popular every day and the cryptocurrency recently has been getting much exposure as mainstream news have been noting its safe haven attributes. Alongside these reports, Bitcoin has also been appearing on the  TV screen in an episode of Mr. Robot. Additionally, Sony is premiering a new show called Startup, which also highlights cryptocurrency use.

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Mr. Robot Season 2 Goes Bitcoin  

mr.-robot-key-artJust recently the USA network intentionally leaked the first episode of Mr. Robot created by Sam Esmail and starring Christian Slater as an insurrectionary anarchist. Slater, who joins a group of hacktivists, is on a mission throughout the show to end debt by attacking a corporate entity called E Corp. The first episode revealed quite a bit of Bitcoin references and a Bitcoin ATM truck, signs and a few more subtle reminders that the cryptocurrency exists within the storyline.

In Mr. Robot’s recent show, which has many Bitcoin allusions throughout details the banking environment is crumbling all around society. Banks have serious troubles as many citizens debts and accounts are inoperable. The banks also suffer from ransomware attacks. The legacy institutions in Mr. Robot’s world are forced to pay a significant ransom with the malware infesting the financial infrastructure. USA networks hacktivist show has millions of fans worldwide and is sure to interest people who have never even heard of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency before.

 Startup Showcases Cryptocurrency

OneSheetImage_220x330Another television broadcast Bitcoin.com recently reported on comes from Sony’s new streaming service Crackle in its original series show Startup. Launching  Tuesday, September 6, 2016, Startup stars Martin Freeman, Adam Brody, Edi Gathegi, and Otmara Marrero in a set based in Miami. The show details the emergence of a cryptocurrency called GenCoin. Martin Freeman (Fargo) plays a crooked FBI agent looking to take down three “tech entrepreneurs” bolstering the cryptocurrency GenCoin.

The show revolves around the three tech savvy Miami residents, and the use of GenCoin is shown throughout the show displaying the power of decentralized digital currency. The tech startup is led by a character called Izzy Morales described by Crackle as a tech whiz-kid out to change the world. The two other cast members start an unexpected partnership with Izzy making them all a target running from the FBI agent played by Freeman. GenCoin plays an important role within the show, but there is no mention of Bitcoin within the storyline.

Crypto Becoming a Household Name on TV

c98014c94744a957Last year CSI Cyber released a TV show called  “Bit By Bit” with many references to Bitcoin throughout. Bitcoin was also featured on the Simpsons last year, which is actually its second appearance on the cartoon. Furthermore, the cryptocurrency has been displayed on a vast array of other shows such as The Good Wife, Jeopardy, Almost Human, Person Of Interest, House Of Cards, Parks and Recreation, HBO’s Silicon Valley, Navy CSI LA, Supernatural, Marry Me, and CNN’s Morgan Spurlock Inside Man.

As Bitcoin becomes more popular being seen on television should come as no surprise to cryptocurrency enthusiasts. Its an interesting subject and adds a rich layer of dialogue for investigative series as well as many shows that revolve around technology. This is good news for cryptocurrency users as this will introduce the technology to millions of viewers, encouraging newcomers to learn about Bitcoin and decentralized, peer-to-peer, open source money as a whole.

What do you think about Bitcoin gracing the television screen? Let us know in the comments below.

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