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Against the Bitcoin Alliance: We Need an Anti-Bankster Group Instead

Bitcoin has brought about a fervent energy of people looking for financial freedom. After the collapse of 2008, Satoshi Nakamoto gave us something to use against the global level of corruption we see every day. When the crash of ’08 occurred, no banker that colluded for profit was jailed. In actuality, they all got paid. In May of this year, five of the biggest global banks agreed to pay penalties for transgressions of manipulating trading, money laundering, and misguided mortgages. Over the past two decades, these banksters have robbed billions upon billions off the people. Yet, no banker or trader was arrested, and no one cleaned the tainted fiat. However, when it comes to Bitcoin, the Blockchain Alliance feels they need to clean up the currency’s past.

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“Blockchain Alliance is a terrible idea. Spend money fighting poverty, not phantom threats used as excuses to fund war and surveillance” Andreas Antonopoulos

Jonny1000thetimesDo you remember the January 2009 Times headline, “Chancellor on brink of second bailout for banks”? The blockchain sure does, and so do quite a few other people. The level of corruption involved with today’s banking system is so tainted and so misguided that people must ask, why are the companies forming this “Alliance” not dedicating their energies to the real criminal behavior? Over the course of the past two years, banks have only had to pay minuscule amounts of fines compared to the mountains of wealth they have swindled from our economy.    

An Alliance must be started to create a meaningful dialogue about the real global crooks in this world. Hopefully, the blockchain will be the tool to eradicate these fallible humans who keep scamming the public with inflationary spirals, booms and busts, and fractional reserve banking. Bitcoin has been sent to us from the vision of Satoshi Nakamoto, and has brought forth a system of accounting that cannot be tampered with. An aligned group of people promoting the use of distributed ledger technology should remember that their “bankster buddies” may never understand this potential. However, this banking cartel surely remembers how they know how to cook books and tamper with the wealth of society.

“[Bitcoin is] very attractive to the libertarian viewpoint if we can explain it properly, I’m better with code than with words though.”

Satoshi Nakamoto

bitcoin-piggy-bank-2Bitcoin’s protocol shows a solid system that has brought fewer fees to the people than the enormous amounts of wealth the monopolized money transmitters charge. It’s well known that people are unhappy with the banking industry and want change throughout the system. Many protested in the streets during the Occupy protests, but that led to pepper spray and beatings that never fixed the situation. From day one, an alliance formed from the cryptocurrency community against these actions and has started to show signs of weakening the bankers’ defenses.

It’s known that the banks have committed so much fraud that they’ve tainted the dollar, the euro and every other sovereign currency within their crime sprees. In fact, they have put a black cloud over the entire mortgage industry with their rampant abuse. These Wall Street brokers made trading look horrible by pushing investments they knew would die, and got a mere slap on the wrist with measly fines. They say the underlying message of blockchain technology is that it can stop fraudulent activity, it’s transparent by nature and prevents forgery. The central banks do not operate by this manner because typically they commit crimes and get bailed out by politicians. Things like this will always happen unless we create some kind of group that is against unethical corruptions and blatant scamming.

If there is any dedicated group of Bitcoiners and industry leaders questioning manipulation and tainted behavior, they might want to get to the root of this banking problem. Instead, there is a big hoorah that 22 banks are “excited” about blockchain technology, and these celebrating people forget about the past. Who do you think started this mess in the first place? Sure, in some people’s subjective valuations there are those that have used Bitcoin in a not so polite way. Yet, there are many banksters who have done far worse to millions of people worldwide, and cryptocurrency can help stop this behavior.    

“The great thing about agorism is that it is a victory from a thousand battles. Every single transaction that takes place outside the nexus of state control is a victory for those individuals taking part in the transaction.” Dread Pirate Roberts (DPR)

btartgallery.comA group of individuals have formed a Bitcoin and blockchain alliance that began years ago. This community has been strong and has built a cryptographic system that has shown its superiority over devalued currencies and the swindles of banksters. We trust in numbers and have found that we can be our own banks. Forming a centralized forum with the very people who scam and take away our liberties is completely antithetical to the foundations of decentralized currency. People get all fired up about the Silk Road and DPR giving Bitcoin a bad image, but never contemplate the debate that this marketplace may have jump-started the currency’s initial value. Banksters shook this globe up with their criminal acts and put millions of homeowners out on the street. The Silk Road sold drugs to consenting adults and curbed street violence, yet there needs to be an “Alliance” formed to help the failed war on drugs. When will there be a large group of industry leaders within the cryptocurrency space that are against the very crooks who rob us daily?

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