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The Forum's All-Star AMA Event has been making quite a few new moves lately with the creation of an exciting new Bitcoin portal for the entire community to enjoy. Our domain name is something we take pride in, so when the website started we wanted to create the most organic Bitcoin experience that can be offered online. This November 2nd, at our newly launched forum, we will take it to the next level by inviting over thirty of the hottest movers and shakers in the crypto-industry for an  “ask me anything” (AMA) session hosted all month long.   

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“This is the first chance the public has ever had to interact directly with so many of the CEOs and thought-provoking leaders in the bitcoin ecosystem. As the premier supporter of open discussion, is the natural place to host this event.“

— Roger Ver,

2015This all-star event features developers, CEOs, and leaders within the cryptocurrency environment. The event’s sole purpose is to allow community members to interact with these innovators directly to gain insight on their roles in this growing industry. believes that it’s best to learn from the source – so this list will include people working in exchanges, coding & developing, public relations, wallet services, security analysts and so much more. Members of the community can sign up for our forum right now so they can be ready to discuss with industry leaders in the Bitcoin space. Some of these guests are already on the forum right now chatting amongst our forum members.

gavid-andresen-gplusGuests will include Bitcoin core developers, such as Gavin Andresen and Mike Hearn, who will answer any questions regarding the technical discussions happening around the crypto-space. Forum users can ask questions directly to the CEOs and founders from your favorite exchanges and wallet providers such as Jeremy Allaire of Circle Financial, Nic Carey of and Adam Traidman of Breadwallet. Our Friends are also invited to discuss subjects with the full array of diverse cryptocurrency advocates such as technical visionary Andreas M. Antonopoulos, the Bitcoin Foundation’s Bruce Fenton, and security analyst Kristov Atlas from the Open Bitcoin Privacy Project. These guests and many more will drop in to visit our forum and start their own unique AMA threads for your questions.

kristov-about-usThe reason we started was to provide the most interactive Bitcoin website possible. With the recent additions of our forum, news section, and community enhanced wiki, we are aiming to become the superior destination for incoming Bitcoin users and hardcore cryptocurrency enthusiasts alike.


andeasWith the AMA running a whole month, participants can start a thread at any time and run it as long as they want during the period. At the end of the month, these sessions will close, and a Bitcoin prize will be given at the end. The host of the most interactive thread will receive 4BTC to be given to the charity of their choice. Not only will this be an educational event, but it will also be charitable and show Bitcoin’s power in that fashion.

OverstockWe think that this all-star AMA event will be the largest to date in cryptocurrency history. Much like the blockchain, industry leaders will aim to be as transparent as the method of account they so love. This opportunity is for everyone to enjoy as the technological age provides us with the means to do these things, and wants to be the premier domain that provides them to you.

Bitcoin.com_BitcoinRegister today and don’t miss out on meeting and discussing with the top minds of this newly created economy. The AMA section is a great opportunity to create a dialogue between the community who uses cryptocurrency every day and the industry leaders who provide services. We hope that both sides will benefit from the forum discussions so the community can understand things they always wanted to know about certain projects and the teams behind them. Leaders will also learn from the public perceptions revealed through the questions asked, providing a learning experience for all involved within the ever changing world of digital currency and cryptography.  

See the entire event list here with all of our guests and sign up today!

What would you like to learn from industry leaders in the Bitcoin space? Let us know in the comments below!

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