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Accusations Fly as Classic Core Debate Goes Corporate

Bitcoin Classic has benefitted from anonymous hashpower donations rising to over 10 petahashes per second, while users report continuing malicious activity against nodes.

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Classic Hashpower Gets Boost

An anonymous donation of 10 bitcoins to the Mining Donation Fund helped Bitcoin Classic hashpower temporarily surpass the significant 10 petahash boundary Wednesday. The fund is administered by, a resource advocating adoption of alternative blockchains such as Classic.

Prior to the donation, Classic’s hashrate was recorded at 8.5 petahashes per second. As of today, it is at 9.45 petahashes.

This recent activity comes following a raft of further arguments on how to resolve Bitcoin’s capacity woes, a challenge which has slowly enveloped all parts of the Bitcoin ecosystem from developers to miners and businesses.

A pop-up “public service announcement” on currently casts suspicion on the actions of Blockstream, the company due to officially begin work on resolving Bitcoin’s technical issues. The announcement reads:

Blockstream has directed the crippling of Bitcoin in order to provide the solution, for their own future, financial gain.

“[…] The only way for this private company, Blockstream, to be removed as the central authority over a crippled Bitcoin is for miners and pool operators (not users) to adopt a different implementation of Bitcoin, such as Bitcoin Classic,” it continues.

Foul Play?

Meanwhile, following recent DDOS attacks on Bitcoin Classic nodes, including those of, users are reporting further difficulties in running servers.

One Reddit user took to the site to voice concern over what appears to be selective denial of access to the Bitcoin network for Classic nodes, a move which was previously made against Core nodes.

“My servers I have run for years will no longer connect to the bitcoin network after a restart, connections come and go,” user u/DaSpawn wrote.

“We need a new client bootstrap server list source as the current list is being poisoned on purpose.”

At the end of February, one of’s servers suffered a DDOS attack which resulted in the server’s shutdown for four hours to avoid spreading weakness further afield. As Classic nodes’ share of total hashpower gains and Core’s flounders, it appears that continued targeted activity from various sources remains a constant scourge.

Blockstream’s Adam Back, however, has publicly urged restraint and called for an end to malicious activity on the part of Classic-related infrastructure.

His comment came in response to a Reddit thread on the phenomenon which appeared Tuesday.

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