Odds of Success For Bitcoin Classic Keep Increasing


Over 1 in 3 Nodes Now Support Bitcoin Classic as Core Remains Flat

The battle for supremacy among Bitcoin nodes is still going on, and it looks like the Bitcoin Classic team is gaining a fair bit of ground in recent days. That being said, it is important to distinguish between full nodes and pruned nodes, as routing one single node through a list of IP addresses is throwing off the numbers. Moreover, the number of Bitcoin Core nodes is not decreasing, which is beneficial to the entire ecosystem as it becomes even more secure than ever before.

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Bitcoin Classic Nodes Keep Rising

Based on the most recent statistics provided by the Coin Dance website, there are currently over 2,600 Bitcoin Classic nodes (35.57% of total at press time) in operation, or over double the amount compared to February when roughly 850 were Classic nodes. However, the number of Bitcoin Core nodes has remained virtually the same, so either people are trying to spike the figures, or there is something else going on.coin-dance-classicnodes

Several Bitcoin enthusiasts are trying to revive some of their older computer hardware, for the sole purpose of running a Bitcoin Classic node with it. Efforts like these are nothing but commendable, as it shows how people are very passionate about seeing Bitcoin succeed. Plus, this adds another decentralization layer to the overall number of Bitcoin Nodes, rather than hosting them on virtual servers operated by the same company.

But that is not all, as there seems to be some confusion going on as to how many of these Bitcoin Classic nodes can be labelled as full nodes. While Coin Dance shows a total of 2,650 Bitcoin Classic nodes, Nodecounter’s numbers are slightly lower at 2,617. Albeit this slight discrepancy, it is important to keep in mind people can route one node behind multiple IP addresses to spike the numbers.

In fact, that is what somebody was doing earlier today, as the person routed one Bitcoin Classic node through several hundred IP addresses. At the time of writing, this situation had remained unchanged, as Choopa LLC has several IP addresses associated to one and the same Bitcoin Classic node.

Faking statistics is something a lot of Bitcoin enthusiasts will frown upon, even though these tactics were to be expected. Regardless of whether one supports Bitcoin Classic or Bitcoin Core, there will always be people who are pushing their own agenda. This is not the fault of either software solution, though.

Mining Support Continues to Grow Steadily

Bitcoin.com_Increasing Support Bitcoin Classic Bitcoin Miner

Support for Bitcoin Classic is extending well beyond the number of people willing to run a particular node, as the real “power” of the Bitcoin network lies with the individual miners. Speaking of which, there are now more Bitcoin Classic blocks being discovered on the network than ever before. Just last week, an average of 37 Bitcoin Classic blocks were created on the network per 1,000 blocks total.

Over the past few days, that number has gone up to 49, which is a significant increase. Moreover, the total mining power pointed towards Bitcoin Classic pools has risen by 56 PH/s. Both of these numbers represent only a minor increase in the global scale of Bitcoin statistics, but the trend is continuing nonetheless.

There is no denying a select group of people are very passionate about seeing Bitcoin Classic succeed. At the same time, there is a large group of people who want Bitcoin Core to succeed. Both solutions have their pros and cons, and it is up to the community – and the bitcoin miners – to let their voice be heard.

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