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13 Ways To Donate Bitcoin This Holiday Season

The Holidays are here, and the typical sentiment usually involves a whole lot of giving throughout the month. In fact, in 2014, the United States alone gave $385 billion to charitable donations; but what’s pretty remarkable is 31% of that money was given in the month of December alone. Another notable figure is that 12% of that money is given on the last three days of the year. In the Bitcoin world giving happens often too and there’s plenty of charities and nonprofit organizations that accept the digital currency. Here’s a list for the holidays of places that take cryptocurrency donations.

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Charities & Nonprofits that accept Bitcoin 

Bitcoin donationsWikiMedia Foundation The nonprofit Wikimedia Foundation is a recognized 501(c)(3) charitable organization. Wikimedia encourages the growth of distributed free multilingual educational content. This includes the operation of the collaborative online encyclopedia Wikipedia. The effort is an organization focusing on reference material that is all inclusive for anyone to use and free.

Bitcoin donationsWikileaks The organization Wikileaks, is an international journalistic group that offers free secret information or leaks from governments, corporations, and anonymous sources. The website began in 2006 located in Iceland making headlines with associates like cypherpunk Julian Assange. The organization is owned by Sunshine press and has had funding problems with credit cards corporations in the past.  

Bitcoin donationsFreeRoss.org The family of Ross Ulbricht designed this web page to help him with his legal funds. Ulbricht has been convicted of two life sentences for the operation of the Silk Road market. Quite a large majority of people feel that Ulbricht’s sentence was unjust especially after the prosecution of two Federal Agents who tainted the whole case. Donations are currently being used to fund Ulbricht’s Federal appeal.   

Bitcoin donationsAntiwar.com The website Antiwar.com established in December of 1995 is a journalistic site that encourages the peaceful ending of all world wars. The page describes itself as devoted to “non-interventionism” and is against the use of aggression towards foreign and domestic warfare on a global scale. The sites first mission was the fighting against the intervention of the Balkans under the Clinton presidency and has been against all subsequent wars thereafter.   

Bitcoin donationsBitGive The BitGive Foundation, was created in 2013 by Connie Gallippi. The organization uses Bitcoins to help with various efforts worldwide including the Water Project and Save The Children. Currently, the foundation is building a transparent system for the use of blockchain ensured charitable donations. The Bitcoin Charity 2.0 Initiative is described as, “the bleeding edge of leveraging technology for the nonprofit sector.”

Bitcoin donationsFr33 Aid The charitable group Fr33 Aid was created to promote the “value of mutual aid.” The team provides first aid and education without being paid for their services. They deploy medically skilled individuals throughout events such as Porcfest. They also teach the public about various educational subjects such as CPR, AED, and other practices. Fr33 Aid began accepting Bitcoin in 2012 and in April of 2013 converted to accepting Bitcoin only.

Bitcoin donationsSean’s Outpost The homeless outreach Sean’s Outpost was created in 2013 by Jason King. Located in Pensacola, Florida the team has fed over 160,000 meals to the homeless using Bitcoin. Satoshi Forest as it’s called has been a well known charitable nonprofit within the cryptocurrency community for quite some time. The Outpost say’s it “is the largest provider of meals to the homeless in Escambia County Florida.

Bitcoin donationsMAPS The Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies is a unique group of researchers who specialize in the study of “developing medical, legal and cultural contexts for people to benefit from the careful use of psychedelics and marijuana.” Founded in 1986 the nonprofit is a recognized 501(c)(3) organization who believes psychedelics have far more medicinal properties than we can imagine. Due to prohibition and certain laws these treatments have just tapped the surface in providing the medical field with alternative care.

Bitcoin donationsCode To Inspire The nonprofit Code to Inspire (CTI), was founded by Fereshteh Forough to create classrooms of software oriented lessons for women in Afghanistan. In November of 2015, they established the first coding school for girls located in the region. The mission at CTI is to educate and inspire young women in computer science to work within the tech industry. CTI opened the first school in Herat, Afghanistan and teach roughly 50 female students daily.

Bitcoin donationsCommonCollection The peer-to-peer online platform called CommonCollection helps people in poverty, global refugees, and many people suffering hardships from natural disasters. Using Bitcoin as its native payment solution founder Elisabeth Grothe-Møller believes the cryptocurrency has many benefits to offer in the crowdfunding sector and to individuals directly. A large portion of the Grothe-Møller family works with this project and they believe the “goal is to present a social media platform where we can share, connect and give with the purpose of creating an impact on both receiver’s and giver’s lives.”   

Bitcoin donationsBitCharities The “cause platform” created by the BitLanders social media application and team enables users to build charity pages funded by micropayments. Currently, BitCharities gathers over 10,000 daily donations. The goal is to empower digital citizens of any income level with its user-friendly ecosystem. There’s quite a list of participating charities that you can view here.

Bitcoin donationsLast Door The Vancouver Addiction Recovery Center “Last Door” helps families fighting addiction. They provide “therapeutic environments where individuals and families experiencing addiction can gain support and guidance to restore themselves to mental, spiritual, physical and emotional health.” Last Door Recovery Society is a drug and alcohol treatment center that operates two programs one involving adults and the other children.

Bitcoin donationsEpic Change The social innovation lab Epic Change believes “love changes everything.” The group has a wide array of projects like  Epic Thanks, To Mama With Love, LaLaLove, the TwitterKids of Tanzania, Love Apocalypse, WonderStudy and more. They have built classrooms, crowdfunded $300K + for work in Tanzania, and invested in Afghanistan, Nepal, the US and Kenya. The team says, “We create movements designed to amplify the voices and impact of changemakers, and work to inspire heartfelt investment in their ideas by spreading the love, joy, & beauty they manifest. We are fans, friends, followers, partners & students of those remarkable souls who are who are teaching our world to dance.”

Bitcoin is a fast and inexpensive way to donate to charity. With the cryptocurrency’s savings nonprofits can put more of that money into their efforts rather than the pockets of credit card executives. A new day is coming where people can fund a project in a matter of minutes and Bitcoin is going to fuel that fire. Happy Holidays from all of us at Bitcoin.com

Disclaimer: Bitcoin.com is not affiliated with any of the above-mentioned charities and/or organizations. 

Will you be donating to a charity with Bitcoin this December? Let us know in the comments below!

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