BitCharities Allows Social Media to Make a Difference

BitLanders is a social media platform that provides the “means and ends” to users engaging in incentive-based community content. Founder Francesco Rulli started the business formally known as Film Annex in 2006, and converted its sharing model to incorporate Bitcoin. The social media site rewards its users with the cryptocurrency based on content performance-measured algorithms voting on video, blog material and photos.

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28_gallery_5419ef64b5587_png_fa_rszdCurrently, the site boasts a user-base of 500,000 registered users and continues to gain 1,000 new users per day. With small Bitcoin micropayments, Rulli believes that the traditional donation system can support a much larger effort. With its unique social media platform, BitLanders rewards users with an enriching environment for “social media addicts and gamers.” The software takes this new playing field and calculates each person’s social engagement with competitive ranking. At the end of every day, these calculations are added up to match your score with bitcoin, which is funded by BitLanders’ ad service. Francesco Rulli spoke with, telling us,

“The BitLanders’ community grows by 1,000 users per day. Some users are Bitcoin experts and others are social media addicts or gamers interested in new platforms and sources of inspirational rewards.”

charity-chartThis inspiration led the BitLanders team to form the cause BitCharities and its dedicated website. Through BitCharities, BitLanders users can donate their earnings to a range of charities and nonprofit organizations. 100% of the donations go to the specific missions, and the service connects them with donors and corporate supporters. BitLanders says, “You Win. We give on your behalf,” and they mean it. Founder Francesco Rulli tells readers,

“Bitcoin is the ideal currency for social good. It was a natural fit to educate our BitLanders users about doing social good and use the best tools made available by our services. The best way to increase your buzzscore and reward level is to post great content and donate money to charities. This is what fuels our platform growth; content and social good. Donations are made voluntarily by the user or supported by corporate donors. They can be as small as ten Satoshi, a low cost that allows any user on our platform to make a difference!”


Currently, BitCharities gathers over 10,000 daily donations. The goal is to empower digital citizens of any income level with its user-friendly ecosystem. There’s quite a list of participating charities that you can view here. Rulli and the BitLanders team promote the charities throughout the entire network, giving education to each promotion. With its buzz score sharing platform and access to improve social philanthropy, the site is unique and unlike Facebook or Twitter. The purpose is for you as the user to make money and improve the lifestyle of BitLanders site while increasing your social position.

stripbigBitLanders is breaking new ground in the land of social media, being one of the first legitimate bitcoin-based social media apps that seems to be flourishing. At the end of the day, individuals can cash out with their bitcoins or donate as much as they desire to various charities. This in turn has produced a strong and growing environment that other bitcoin-powered social media sites have yet to match. The platform grows quite rapidly on a daily basis, and founder Francesco Rulli is quite pleased with his results.

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