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Wirex releases virtual Visa card through the Wirex App

Bitcoin startup Wirex has announced the release of the latest iteration of their mobile app which includes a free virtual Visa card accessible through the app.

Based in London, Wirex who recently re-branded away from the name E-Coin, is a bitcoin wallet and exchange-brokerage services provider.

Now through the Wirex app, users can own a virtual Visa card for free, which Wirex says normally are valued at $3. The virtual card is redeemable within the app. Virtual cards work just like physical cards, but aren’t tangible and cannot be used in places where a physical card is required.

Obviously, the best places to use virtual cards would be with online shopping. Retail may not work as well but the card is valid and should be accepted anywhere.

Wirex made a video tutorial on how to claim the virtual card, which is embedded below.

To redeem the virtual card, after opening the app (download on iOS and Android) go to the main page and pick a currency and tap Order New Card. For users that prefer a physical plastic card, Wirex does provide those as well, but for a fee of $17.

In April, Pavel Matveev who is one of the co-founders of Wirex said that Wirex is looking to apply for an e-money license once the regulation framework is defined for it in the UK. Wirex raised money via crowdfunding last September and is now negotiating a series-A funding round with venture capitalists to raise another $1.5 million.

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