Venezuelan Psychologist Relies On Skype Sessions And Bitcoin


Venezuelan Psychologist Relies On Skype Sessions & Bitcoin

Bitcoin enables people and enterprises all over the world to achieve some amazing things. One psychologist in Venezuela has been conducting sessions through Skype and accepts Bitcoin payments for services rendered.

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The Venezuelan Bitcoin-minded Psychologist

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It is not uncommon for entrepreneurs and enterprises to accept Bitcoin payments for services rendered these days. However, a lot of these parties will convert incoming transfers to local fiat currency right away, protecting them from any looming bitcoin price volatility. Although that may not do much to boost Bitcoin adoption around the world, one Venezuelan psychologist is having a successful career because of it.

As some people might be aware, Venezuela has been facing a lot of financial adversity as of late. The government has imposed strict capital controls, and the local currency is facing severe inflation. This forces consumers and enterprises to look for other solutions.

Bitcoin seems to be an attractive alternative in this regard. So much even that Milagro Mendoza, a psychologist located in Carabobo, Venezuela, has started accepting Bitcoin payments for sessions. But that is not all, as this psychologist has an interesting way of conducting these sessions, as Skype has proven to be a valuable ally in this regard.

This focus on new technology and disruptive payment methods go to show how financial hardship can create new business models. Although not everyone might be in a position to provide services over the Internet or accept bitcoin, Milagro Mendoza can serve as an inspiration for anyone who has ever wanted to become their own boss.

Telepsychology, as Mendoza refers to the service he offers, is not a new concept by any means. This psychologist business model has been around for roughly ten years now,  and the growth in smartphone adoption makes it easier to stay in touch with patients. Offering psychology sessions remotely for bitcoin is quite new to most consumers, though, but it is doing wonders for Mendoza so far. He explained: 

I serve patients living in Venezuela, as well as in other countries. Before i became a psychologist, I had some experience as a consultant, which helped me understand the hurdles some of my patients faced when dealing with a remote psychologist. This is why I started a blog, answering recurring questions and providing patients with information on how the concept came to be.

Bitcoin.com_Psychologist Skype BitcoinNot all patients can be treated through a regular Skype session, unfortunately. Mendoza ensures there is proper communication via email first, before determining whether or not he is the right psychologist to help that particular person. Moreover, some countries have an ethic code, which prevents psychologists from offering remote sessions to patients.

Last but not least, there is the topic of accepting Bitcoin payments for these services. Unlike traditional online payment solutions such as PayPal, Bitcoin transactions are subject to far lower fees. Moreover, Bitcoin payments are quick, and can be made from and to anywhere and anyone in the world. Today, all of Mendoza’s international patients settle payments in bitcoin.

Would you use bitcoin to pay for a psychologist? Would you be willing to use Skype for regular sessions? Let us know in the comments below!


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