TRI to Finally Ship Turing Phone This May


TRI to Finally Ship Turing Phone This May

On April 30 Turing Robotic Industries sent a newsletter to all their subscribers, saying the Turing Phone is ready for shipment, which will begin after the final newsletter on May 3.

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Turing Phone Shipping This Month

“While we scan through thousands of pre-orders and requests we have decided to send out the confirmation email on May 3rd. We know you have been getting impatient about the delay however please bear with us while TRI prepares its official launch.”

Users will also receive an introductory newsletter on May 3 about the new OS and the phone’s Aemaeth UI.

Turing Phone Final ReleaseAmong many other features, like a new design, powerful hardware and a enhanced security based on cryptography, Turing will also support their own Turing Coin – a cryptocurrency that all the clients will get with their phone and that could increase its market price in future. Moreover, the phone is made with the new kind of material Liquidmorphium, a promising liquid metal stronger than steel.

What’s Next?

Once you’ve received the confirmation email on May 3rd, please make sure you follow instructions in the email to get in touch with us.

The first phones will ship to the customers after they contact the company. The letter also says that all readers interested in ordering the phone can wait for the next pre-order period in mid-June.

Turing Phone

Meanwhile, many of the sceptics on the Web were fascinated with the opportunity to create some controversy around Turing, claiming the company is doing bad because of a delayed release and a shift from Android to Sailfish OS.

However, as seen from the photo that Turing Robotics sent to the fans, all the apps appear to be functional. A meticulous eye can catch the familiar titles and icons on the screen of the working phone including Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and also – the Batman game, Grand Theft Auto, and others.

Thus, all Google Play apps should work on this phone. And if we consider all the vulnerabilities of modern smartphones and new ways of stealing the private keys, who needs Android? Definitely not the people who’d like to carry large sums of bitcoins on their device.

What do you think of the Turing’s first product and its impact on Bitcoin ecosystem? Let us know in the comments!

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