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The Trade: Learning Bitcoin Price Analysis Through Video

Youtube videos have always been a great source to learn more about Bitcoin and digital currency. Especially as far as the trading of digital currency is concerned, valuable insights can be provided through a video explanation, detailing how charts can play an important role in this regard. The Trade is a new show hosted by the World Crypto Network on Youtube, and their first guest was none other than Tone Vays.

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The Trade: Trading Knowledge on Youtube

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In the world of Bitcoin and digital currency, there is a lot of price volatility taking place at any given time of the day. Some people specialize in drawing up a technical analysis for the Bitcoin price, explaining how these changes came to be, and what it means for the near future. However, people who are not versed in trading jargon will be unable to make sense of it all.

This is where The Trade on the World Crypto Network comes into the picture, as the show will provide a video analysis of Bitcoin price trading charts. The guest in the first episode was none other than Tone Vays, former Wall Street trader and a well-respected member of the Bitcoin community. Although there was still a lot of jargon mentioned in the video, it becomes a bit easier to understand what has gone on and how the situation will evolve.

But The Trade goes well beyond the Bitcoin price charts, as they discuss stock markets as well. As many people in the Bitcoin world will be aware of, the stock markets are extremely volatile right now, even more so than the Bitcoin price itself. While it is all but impossible to draw parallels between both markets, the same type of trading knowledge applies to any market in the world.

During the first episode of The Trade, Tony Vays does an excellent job of explaining the recent stock market charts, and how the situation will evolve in the next few days. There are always individual traps and pitfalls to keep in mind when trading for profits, regardless of whether this has to do with the stock market, Bitcoin, or any other medium.

A gold price chart was mentioned as well, and even though gold prices are going up a lot as of late, there are still a lot of risks associated with getting involved in this trading market. Both upward and downward trends could occur at any given moment, and there are always indicators to consider when predicting how price could shift in the next few days.

World Crypto Network Keeps Growing

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Discussions about the Bitcoin price, as well as stock markets and altcoins, is not new to the World Crypto Network. Most of these debates have taken place on their weekly The Bitcoin Group show up until this point. However, dedicating a new show to these discussions seems to be a great move by the World Crypto Network, as this allows for more in-depth explanations as to what is going on in the markets.

All in all, the World Crypto keeps growing. By providing Internet users with free Youtube shows on various topics regarding the world of Bitcoin and digital currency, viewers now have a way to learn about trading, which could boost digital currency interest all over the world. The Trade looks to be a valuable addition to their list of offerings, and episode two should be available in roughly one week from now.

What are your thoughts on the World Crypto Network? Do you like The Trade and what is being discussed? Let us know in the comments below!


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