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Titcoin Co-Founder Warned Ashley Madison Of User Privacy Issues

Ashley Madison earned the company slogan, “Life is short, have an affair,” with a recent 37 million user data breach, making ‘short life’ of the company. But could all of this been prevented? Edward Mansfield, co-founder of Titcoin, which coins itself, “The official digital currency of the porn and adult entertainment industry,” attended the AVN Webmaster Access 2014 in Amsterdam. There he sat on the cryptocurrencies panel, advising adult industry giants Ashley Madison, AVN, & Hustler Magazine on the many benefits of cryptocurrency anonymity, & the absolute need for adult industry adoption expressing user privacy concerns.

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Bitcoin.com [BTC] spoke with Titcoin’s Mansfield via telephone this week and asked him, “What went down with Ashley Madison while in Amsterdam?”

“I hope next time I speak with a major adult company they heed my advice, I tried my best, I educated & warned them.” ~ EDWARD MANSFIELD, TITCOIN

Titcoin_Coin_LogoBTC: ‘Hey Ed, What’s going? I’m real curious on some things & need your ear for a couple minutes, you got a few?’

EM: ‘No problem, Pat.’

BTC: ‘I know you attended the AVN Webmaster Access 2014 & had a meeting with executives from Ashley Madison in regards to traditional privacy concerns that could be cured through cryptocurrency. What was the outcome?’

EM: ‘Well, I wouldn’t call it a meeting? Maybe a couple minds getting together for a few drinks after the conference. We exchanged ideas & information with intentions on speaking again but nothing transpired from that engagement.’

BTC: ‘Do you think they took Titcoin as a gag or novelty being so young in the game or just couldn’t grasp the concept of cryptocurrency overall?’

EM: ‘I hope not, We take $TIT’s very serious! I think it takes an event like Ashley Madison to spotlight the benefits of cryptocurrency with a problem vs solution affect. I hope next time I speak with a major adult company they heed my advice, I tried my best, I educated & warned them.’

BTC: ‘That’s about it Ed, I really appreciate you taking our call.”

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The adult industry draws $10 Billion in annual revenue, and is routinely discriminated against by traditional banks, merchant processors, and PayPal. These companies are notorious for charging, closing, freezing, & restricting customer accounts with internal centralized rules beneficial only to themselves. Why are banks at the forefront of blockchain adoption while the adult industry plays the wallflower? I believe it to be a lack of awareness & education. Cryptocurrency is the adult industries wet dream.

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