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The Economic Reformation: A New Ninety-Five Theses

This article was written by Sterlin Lujan

The government is corrupt and needlessly violent and insane. The politicians who run it are in cahoots with banks and they are exercising monetary dictatorship over the population. Their abuses are legion. They are printing money arbitrarily and using it to shield their extortion rackets and build bombs to kill people. The individuals involved in this ugly empire are also typing their own salaries into computers, and selling the future labor of the unborn to the highest bidders. The whole system has failed on a fundamentally humanitarian level; it has caused the financial ruin and heartache of many innocent, hard-working people. It is time to abolish it.

It is time to nail the people’s Ninety-Five Theses on the wall of the banking cartel, display their abuses with the world, and enforce demands. Their own selling of political indulges to their supporters and child-eaters must end.

But this new Ninety-Five Theses is not merely a description of the evils and a request to cease and desist. This letter is a program, a protocol, a consensus, a mathematical methodology to obliterate systemic methods of totalitarianism. It is the panacea that will be used to halt the evils of white-collar, bureaucratic crime. It is called Bitcoin. It is Jesus returned in the form of hash functions and private keys.

Bitcoin works as the redeemer of finance by being totally decentralized and removed from the grubby paws of the political elites. There is no way any one individual can control Bitcoin, because the network of which it is built is based on peer-2-peer, open source technology. In other words, for anything to change in the system, everyone involved in network protocol has to agree. Thus, no arbitrarily printing money. No controlling interest rates. No freezing assets. No keeping failed businesses solvent by bailing them out. No more lies. No more central enforcement via the currency supply.

This actionable version of the Ninety-Five Theses allows people to control their own money. They are their own banks. The Bitcoin network functions so that each person maintains his own private keys, so only he controls the money flow from his wallet.

This tech is revolutionary in that it allows the person to sidestep authority without lifting a firearm. This is economic self-defense. This is a kind of financial treatise against the system that Martin Luther would be proud of, and he would gladly nail it upon the walls of all evil everywhere, because this one is stamped globally, for eternity.

Bitcoin also provides a transparent domain through the blockchain ledger. This means, even if a nefarious company devolves into criminality and hurting innocent people, their machinations would be quickly revealed. Therefore, it would be in a businesses best interest to publicize their accounts if they are honest. The new Ninety-Five-Theses, then, provides ample ways not only to name evil and fight back, but it has built in protections against future problems.

This is the state of the world and it intensifies with the global economic revolution through the insurgency of Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies. The playing field is finally leveled and folks are able to reroute their hard work into sound money, and simultaneously ignore the commands and dictates of people in power who only care of their own interests and agendas.

Every sovereign soul has spoken. The people have unleashed the digital Ninety-Five Theses upon the world. The resulting paradigm shift is well under way. The game is over for the power-mongers and their abuses. Bitcoin has arrived, and it is here to stay, in one form or the other.

What does Bitcoin mean to you, do you see it as freedom?

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